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Every week, Melbourne Content Strategist Lieu Pham compiles the latest content marketing articles, news and advice from the web to create the week in content marketing. Sit back, relax and enjoy staying on top of the latest digital content marketing news and trends!

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Prepare to take a long, hard look at yourself. This week we explore the concept of ‘you and yours’.

Guilty of too many selfies? Consider yourself served as the Instagram police arrives. We find out why personal branding is crucial to your career and look into the psychological variables that can help you learn about your content personas. A new Facebook tool tells us who we are – personality wise – and in doing so highlights how social media companies are profiling us. Meanwhile, the use of social influence as an optimisation tool is set to grow quickly over the next year.
Do you know who your brand ambassadors are?

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The zen of whole customer persona modelling
How do you engage with your target audience? Get to know them beyond demographics. Psychographic variables (also understood as content personas) are defined as attributes connecting users’ personalities, values, attitudes, interests and lifestyles.

2Lessons in content marketing from Intel and The Creators Project
Five years on, VICE’s The Creators Project is one of the most high-profile brands-as-publishers case studies. It’s also become the foundation of Intel’s overall strategy and philosophy around brand content.


A three-pronged plan for optimising your online content distribution
According to CMI’s Ben Harper, 2014 was the year we came to realise that a content distribution plan is essential to achieving desired results from our content marketing efforts.



Guide to influencer marketing (e-book)

According to Social Media Today, 74 per cent of global marketers will use ‘influencer marketing’ as part of their marketing strategy in the next 12 months. This CMI e-book will show you how to use brand advocates in your next content marketing strategy.


5The best and worst of real-time marketing
Online marketing can help you quickly reach a large number of people with your message. But if you make a mistake, your failure could go viral for all the wrong reasons. What lessons can be learnt from both the good and the bad examples?



Instagram interventions for the most clichéd, overused posts

Pic Nix is an Instagram intervention service that uses its own iPhone to send anonymous messages to offending Instagram posters at your behest.


Do LinkedIn Endorsements really matter?
The answer is yes for two reasons. One, endorsements are new and improved keywords that help recruiters find you. Two, they generate goodwill throughout your network.


8Pinterest launches Guided Search
Pinterest is becoming more like a visual search engine. The photo-sharing platform has just launched Guided Search, a new feature that pops up related terms at the top of a screen as you enter your keyword.

Vogue allows its customers to shop by Instagram ‘like’
Instagram is helping Vogue monetise on its style. If you ‘like’ a photo on Vogue’s Instagram account, you will be sent an email with a link directing you to the item for purchase.


10Twitter dabbles with video ads
Twitter is experimenting with a new mobile ad feature with two World Cup advertisers, Visa and Adidas. The feature lets you easily share a video ad when you use a hashtag. For instance, if you type “#visa” and then a space, you should see a paper clip prompt in your Twitter iOS app. Click on the icon and you can attach a video.




Facebook’s ad targeting will get interest data from outside sites
Facebook says it’s bringing more data into its interest-based ad targeting, gathering information from other sites to target users accordingly.

12You can now alter your ad profile on Facebook
Facebook will present dossiers of likes and interests to its users and allow them to delete them. As The New York Times pointed out, it makes good marketing sense to allow your users to tell you what they like or don’t like.



Your personality type defined by the internet
The Five Labs tool analyses your Facebook profile and tells you who you are. While it may not be 100 per cent precise, it does gives people an idea of what social media companies are doing with us (on a much more sophisticated level). According to Five’s comparison feature, Mark Zuckerberg and I are 68 per cent similar. Try it here.


Google launches new platform to connect businesses with customers
Google wants to create a better business directory and, this time, they mean business. On Thursday, the tech giant launched Google My Business, a one-stop shop for merchants to manage their presence on a variety of the company’s properties including search, maps and Google+.


Personal branding represents your distinction and responsibility as a leader

With the increasing popularity of LinkedIn, it’s no surprise that personal branding is on the up. Forbes contributor Glenn Llopus explains how managing your leadership career is much like managing a stock portfolio. What skills and attributes will you invest in?


16Eight brands that totally nailed their World Cup ads

HubSpot has found some of the best World Cup 2014 ads produced thus far. Their selection is based on finding ads with either inspirational messages, skilful cinematography, laugh-out-loud scripts or inventiveness.

Newspaper printed with ink that repels mosquitoes
Sri Lanka’s most popular newspaper has invented the Mawbima Mosquito Repellent Paper, printed using an ink containing a bug-repelling ingredient to mitigate the risk of dengue fever. A youtility that works with context? Nicely played.


18Why our brains crave storytelling
Are our brains more engaged by storytelling than the cold, hard facts? Current studies say yes.


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