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The week in content marketing with strategist Lieu Pham

Uber fundraises to crack China, Alibaba aims to become the new Netflix and Gawker Media unionises. Meanwhile, YouTube launches a gaming service to compete with Twitch, and we discover why Twitter hasn’t grown as big as Facebook. Plus, find out the five steps for using LinkedIn’s blogging feature for personal branding, and enjoy a beginner’s guide to crafting visual content. 

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2YouTubers set world record with 415-foot basketball shot

Net record: YouTube channel How Ridiculous travelled to the Gordon Dam in Tasmania to attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the highest basketball shot. They succeeded, successfully shooting a hoop from an amazing 125-metre vertical drop.

6Uber is raising $1b to crack China, soon to be its largest market worldwide

Uber is set to up the ante on its activity in the huge Chinese market. The ride-sharing company faces some steep competition from current market leader in the region, Didi Kuaidi, and aims to fundraise over US$1 billion in an effort to position China as the company’s largest market by the end of 2015.

14Alibaba will reportedly launch a ‘Netflix-like’ video streaming service soon

Alibaba hopes to “redefine home entertainment” in China, according to its head of digital entertainment, Patrick Liu, who wants to make it the country’s equivalent of US streaming giants Netflix and HBO. Its new service, Tmall Box Office, will both buy in content and produce its own original movies.

3Academic publishing giant fights to keep science paywalled

Academic publishing house Elsevier is cracking down on online repositories of free academic articles, such as Library Genesis and, by filing a complaint in a New York District Court. But rather than punishing sites for distributing articles, should Elsevier be offering consumers a better alternative?


11I went to a Taco Bell-sponsored high school graduation at the TRL studio

Taco Bell is finding new ways to brand itself… by sponsoring high school graduations. The fast food company is part of Graduate for Más, a not-for-profit aimed at helping students make it through high school. The graduation ceremony at Viacom’s TRL studio included a Taco Bill-branded, digital yearbook, which featured photos of the students flashed onto giant billboards in Times Square “like the world’s largest Instagram account”, according to Taco Bell CEO Brian Niccol.

4New York Times to block employees’ desktop access to homepage next week

The New York Times will next week reinforce its commitment to mobile, by temporarily suspending employee desktop access to its homepage. “We’re hopeful that this temporary change will help spur us to make mobile an even more central part of everything that we do”, said a staff-wide communique from senior management. According to the email, over half of all traffic to the Times’ website is now via mobile.

13At Gawker Media, new economy workers strive to form a new kind of union

In a first for a major digital-media company, Gawker’s employees are unionising. Many of those who are joining the fledging union are younger employees whose early years in the media industry have been marked by mass redundancies and job insecurity, making the idea of a unionised workforce appealing to many.


Social & Tech

5Why Twitter hasn’t grown as huge as Facebook

Twitter has struggled in recent times to broaden its appeal to internet users, often being perceived as confusing and unfriendly to casual site users. One reason for this is that it fails to curate information in the way that Facebook has mastered. The very nature of Twitter is that it is an open marketplace for information sharing. While this has been part of its success, it has also left it open to being used to harass and intimidate.

105 reasons internal social media beats old comms models

Yammer co-founder Adam Pisoni shares five ways that companies should capitalise on the new world of information sharing, in order to save money and innovate faster.


8YouTube’s wannabe Twitch killer is official: Meet YouTube gaming

YouTube is launching a new gaming service over the northern summer, in direct competition to Twitch. A centrepiece of the service will be an improvement to YouTube’s streaming capabilities, which will now be aimed at a gamer audience.


Tips & Tactics

7How retailers use content to tie online and offline experiences

Massive changes in the way people shop mean that retailers must take smart steps to integrate online and in-person retail experiences and improve consumers’ brand interactions. What sets market leaders apart is the way they successfully sync the online and offline experiences, primarily through mobile.

95 steps for maximizing LinkedIn’s blogging feature for personal branding

LinkedIn has recently introduced a long-form blogging feature, helping users to further gain visibility and build their personal brand. Forbes shares five tips on how to make the most of this new feature.

1A beginner’s guide to crafting visual content [Infographic]

Presenting visually interesting content is a key part of effectively communicating with your audience. Here’s a beginner’s guide to working with infographics and other visually appealing material, such as photography, in order to boost brand engagement.


12How to improve your content development process

Tips and tricks for keeping on top of your content-development process, through planning, developing clear and easily accessible marketing calendars, and keeping your approvals processes as simple as possible.



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