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July 16, 2014Uncategorized

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In this edition we explore the shift from paid media into owned media, discover the most influential CMOs on Twitter, find out ways to use curation to create original content, hear the cautionary tales of  inauthentic marketing and welcome Nexxt, Spayce and Pheed into the mobile social network fold.

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Shift from traditional advertising to native set to accelerate

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has predicted that the spend on traditional media advertising will continue to slide as companies direct more of their marketing budgets online, including their own internal direct-to-consumer channels. The move is putting increasing pressure on already-struggling media owners, with two out of three marketers saying money is being switched from ‘bought’ to ‘owned’ channels. The original PwC report can be found here.


Why your content marketing team needs a marketing technologist

Managing a large content marketing team at scale, implementing more sophisticated content-driven experiences, and inventing novel ways to break through the noise are all aspects of content marketing that can be aided by technology. So does this mean that every content marketer needs to become a technologist too?


This is what an inauthentic brand publication looks like

Chick-fil-A is flouting two of the cardinal rules of content creation: don’t trick your consumers, and don’t piss them off.



Songza’s ‘Human API’ seals the deal for Google Acquisition

In the music space, only Songza embraces the human curation experience. Spotify, Pandora and the other music sites are all dependent on algorithms; Songza uses data and humans. Songza relies on time of day, location, weather, activity and more to help their DJs program their music. As Songza investor at Metamorphic Ventures David Hirsch explained to CNBC: “The future isn’t about people finding things, it’s about things finding people.”


Scroll kit’s co-founder on the future of visual storytelling

At the moment, visual storytelling tools like scroll kit are a hot topic. In the leaked New York Times innovation report, there’s plenty about the usefulness of these tools in streamlining the process of creating knockout content, especially when visual long form and interactive media get such huge visitor interaction rates. Is it a passing fad or is it a sign of things to come?


The real difference between PR and advertising

There’s an old saying: “Advertising is what you pay for, publicity is what you pray for.” While there are dozens of good articles on this topic most people – even professionals who should know better – still don’t know the difference between advertising and public relations.


Grandparents’ generation is finally using smart devices

Fifty-one percent of mobile owners aged over 55 now own smartphones, up 10% from 2013 – a huge and significant leap for the industry. Smartphones today meet a lot of the basic needs seniors have – maintaining connections, accessibility and getting information quickly.



 Jeep’s social media nightmare

A competition allowing people the chance to buy a cut-price Jeep has led unsuccessful participants to claim it was not run properly, with some threatening a class action lawsuit against the carmaker.



The most influential CMOs on Twitter

Social media analytics firm PeerIndex has created a list of the most influential big-brand CMOs on Twitter TWTR +1.74% based on PI score. A PI score includes an executive’s activity score, audience score and authority score. A CMO’s activity and engagement on Twitter builds specific awareness of what a company is doing. That can have a tangible impact – it might help spur partnerships or stimulate interest from prospective employees, for example.


How brands are using your best Instagram shots for authentic marketing

For brands, art directors and publishers, the appeal of using social photography for commercial purpose is enormous.


Can China’s WeChat become a major advertising platform?

Popular messaging app WeChat launched a new service in mainland China where companies that have verified WeChat accounts can pay fees to place ads on the official pages of companies with more than 100,000 followers. The fees will be shared by Tencent and the companies that host the ads on their pages.


Three mobile social networks to keep an eye on

If the mega-networks like Facebook are becoming a dying trend and mobile tribes are indeed leading the future state of social media, then new networking and communications platforms Nexxt, Spayce and Pheed may not only affect the state of social media but your business as well.


What the CIA teaches us about social media

Move over social media gurus. There’s a new kid in town that deserves some attention and it might come as a surprise – the @CIA. If you think the CIA on Twitter sounds boring and dull, think again. As it turns out, spies have a great sense of humour.


Are journalists breeding mistrust on social media?

The latest ING report on social media serves as a warning for journalists everywhere: step up your game or risk losing your audience’s trust.


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Four key strategies to reclaim a branded social experience

As Facebook reach declines and social networks constantly evolve, it’s time for brands to reclaim their audiences by turning their own digital properties into hubs of social activity.



How to add audio to your Instagram photos

Who says that pictures have to be silent? While Instagram has made it easy to shoot, edit, and upload short 15 second videos, sometimes you don’t really want to share video but you still want audio attached to a photo. Here’s how:



How to use Tumblr for business

If you had the chance to market on a site with upwards of 300 million unique visitors every month, would you do it? For companies with strong visual content Tumblr is a largely untapped opportunity. This article shows you five companies using Tumblr to reach a new audience that values creativity and fun.


How to be in the top 5% of bloggers

Routine, phone-it-in content won’t get you the audience, the leads, the prospects or the conversions you need. So how much time and how much work does it really take? A recent survey gives us some key insights.


How to use curation to create unique, original content
It turns out you can engage your audiences just as effectively by curating existing work as you can by creating new material. Here are five specific approaches that you can take for curating content:



Use images to turn your distracted visitors into engaged readers

As consumers of information online, we’re a little like that over-stimulated child. But as producers of online content, one of the worst things we can do is throw more words at our readers. Because the best way to reach an over-stimulated population is to offer something different. How do we do that? Images.


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