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September 16, 2015Uncategorized

The week in content marketing with strategist Lieu Pham

This week it’s all about Apple, with the tech giant becoming the latest brand to become a news publisher, and 3D Touch being the latest feature on the iPhone 6s. We look at the social networks becoming more user-friendly for business, and how Periscope is the latest must-have for designers during New York Fashion Week. Also in this edition, we see how multichannel management is becoming a vital element for agencies and we look at the greatest campaigns from this year’s Content Marketing Awards. 


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6Incredible content campaigns from the 2015 Content Marketing Awards

In light of the 11th annual Content Marketing Awards, Joe Pulizzi reviews the nominees for this year and the campaigns that made them stand out from heavy competition across the globe. (Warning: shameless bragging ahead). Also included in the article is a full list of the award winners, with King Content taking out the number one title!






1Omni-channel managers are the key ingredient to a competitive agency

In the current climate, marketers are more technologically empowered than ever before, with platforms popping up faster than we can keep a handle on. Top agencies in the industry are the ones that utilise channel management to showcase content in the most effective manner possible. Chris Gomersall from Advertising Age stresses the importance of hiring professionals solely dedicated to managing multichannel efforts if they want remain ahead of the social game.





7Architecture firm debuts thriller film to showcase latest project

With video now making its way into nearly every online interaction, it’s no wonder brands from nearly every field are testing out video over traditional print. A campaign that’s created quite a lot of buzz recently comes from the architecture and design industry. London-based architects Groves Natcheva distanced themselves from the traditional still-image method of showcasing architecture projects, launching a thriller film instead.





9How fast-food giants are upsizing their creative edge

Happy Meal toys and nostalgic commercials just don’t cut it anymore. As content consumption becomes more layered and complex, fast-food brands are getting serious about innovative content marketing to instil even stronger connections. Caitlin White from Ad Week compares the creative efforts of Domino’s and Chipotle and investigates how both giants are forming a tech-based cross-channel strategy for a killer content combo.





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3Apple the latest brand-turned-news-publisher

With Apple announcing its latest news service last week, readers now have an even larger pool of media outlets from which to source the latest headlines. Jason Abbruzzese from Mashable looks at the evolution of news in the digital space, as well as the risks and returns for media companies thinking about partnering with Apple for a slice of the readership pie.






8Social networks are becoming more business-friendly than ever

This week, Social Media Examiner looks at how social networks are becoming more business-friendly than ever, with Instagram making ads accessible to all, Facebook improving the mobile-friendliness of corporate pages and LinkedIn launching its “Next Wave” series, which celebrates professionals aged 35 and under.





4Periscope is NYFW’s must-have online accessory

Periscope is quickly becoming a top dog in the video-broadcasting scene, with 10 million users and counting. While Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are all streaming New York Fashion Week, it looks like Periscope is the favourite choice for showcasing the latest styles, with Donatella Versace, Marc Jacobs and Burberry all testing out the app.






5iPhone 6s lets you “peek” and “pop” with 3D Touch

The latest iPhone 6s features a new display that is said to offer a pressure-sensitive dimension to touchscreen interaction. The feature detects soft and hard pressure from your finger to offer quick looks and shortcuts. By pressing harder, iPhone 6s users can now take selfies using the front camera with quick action tools or preview a website without actually opening it.





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10The power of three in storytelling, making ideas stick and using humour in marketing

CEO of Rainmaker Digital and founder of Copyblogger Brian Clark explains the powerful elements in the number three when it comes to creating salient ideas and messages, telling stories, presenting humour and how the rule of three will enable you to survive and thrive in a competitive market.






24 apps to improve your writing skills

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with seeking the help of external sources to improve your writing, even if it’s from the very device that’s said to damage our grammar proficiency! There are dozens of apps out there that are found to make your work sharper and clearer, but Entrepreneur has compiled a list of four apps that are proven to expand your writing potential.






11The what, when and who of a successful email marketing campaign

Email marketing campaigns can sometimes be overlooked as an outdated element to your strategy, but there is much potential in email to foster relationships, gather critical data and help increase ROI. However, in order to reap those benefits, an email campaign must be done right. Have a look at Ragan’s infographic that details the three vital elements to be successful in getting those click-throughs.





BLOG 2.0 (1)The six paths to maintaining the best spot in content marketing

Eric Enge from Moz Blog responds to an anti-content article that argued consumers suffer from content overload, making content marketing an unsustainable action to maintaining a profitable business. Enge makes a convincing case against the article and offers six basic paths to remaining one of the top creators of content in a sea of dull, cheap content.






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