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May 15, 2015Uncategorized

The week in content marketing with strategist Lieu Pham

This week, as reports circulate that Uber could be worth $50 billion (making it the world’s most valuable start-up), the brand seemingly sets its sights on media company status. Last year Uber made the strategic move of hiring President Obama’s campaign manager David Plouffe, and now it’s on the hunt for an editorial director to ‘lead the creation of branded content’. The new hire will likely report directly to Rachel Whetstone, the former Google exec who has just replaced Plouffe, and will be tasked with building a team of content specialists.

Meanwhile, VentureBeat considers the relative benefits of using Facebook, YouTube or both in your video strategy, and the Wall Street Journal profiles the rise of owned assets. Plus, we give you some tips and tricks for updating your landing pages, website copy and linking campaigns.

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BLOGUber’s hiring an editor to develop owned content

Gone are the days of ‘everyone’s a publisher’; the next phase in content marketing’s evolution will be ‘everyone’s a media company’. Taxi app Uber just posted an ad for an editorial director on its career site, who will be responsible for building a substantial content team.

210 ways to piss off David Ogilvy

As advertising giants go, David Oglivy is king. Hailed as ‘the father of advertising’, the Ogilvy & Mather founder set and expected high standards in the industry. Copyblogger has developed a poster called 10 Ways Piss Off David Oglivy, featuring a list of ways to do just that. Make these mistakes at your own risk.

3 Don’t sleep on content marketing

US mattress brand Casper reveal plans to “own the conversation around sleep”, and the Wall Street Journal’s CMO Today blog responds with a piece on brands that have launched their own online content destinations. It questions whether the value of these digital platforms comes from customer engagement or the audience data that an owned asset can provide.

4 (2) Three places to connect with consumers on mobile

Since Google’s recent algorithm update, mobile has become an even bigger priority for marketers. A whopping 94 per cent of SMB owners use smartphones to conduct business, but what’s the best way to engage customers? This infographic outlines three key touchpoints of a mobile strategy.

Social & Tech

5 Here are the ad types Facebook’s instant articles will allow

You’ve seen The Magnificent Seven; now it’s time to meet the Facebook 9, aka The New York Times, BuzzFeed, The Guardian et al. These fine specimens of digital publisher-dom are playing guinea pig to Facebook’s latest product, Instant Articles. Check it out for yourself:

6 Facebook vs YouTube: Who’s winning the video marketing battle?

With continued reports of Facebook ramping up its functionality, is it time to update your video strategy? VentureBeat explores the greatly exaggerated demise of YouTube and the benefits of Facebook as a potential contender. Is there room for both platforms in your mix?

7Here’s why Twitter’s porn problem freaked out brands

Adding #NSFW (not safe for work) to a tweet may seem cheeky and fun, but there are many users on the platform who are misusing the hashtag. This is putting Twitter in a difficult position, with advertisers complaining about having their creative placed beside pornographic content. Find out how the social platform is currently managing the situation.

8Spotify’s revenue is growing, but so are its losses

As Spotify admits great wins and great losses, The New York Times points to some potential competitors to the music streaming platform, including Deezer and Google Play. Plus, could Apple, which bought Beats for $3 billion last year, be on the verge of releasing a rival product?

Tips & Tactics

94 quick tools to help an audience share your content

Developing great content that users want to share is one thing, but to ensure they actually do means simplifying the process. If you want your audience to like, share and retweet, then check out the Content Marketing Institute’s recommended tools to make sharing a piece of cake.

103 free Twitter tools for killer real-time marketing

Want a sophisticated method of tracking your hashtags? These three nifty tools all offer a free trial and allow users to take advantage of real-time marketing on the platform, whether it’s live-blogging a big event or moderating coverage of a conference or live experience.

1110 visual elements that social media adores

Keep up-to-date with the visual trends that are increasing engagement on social media. From screenshots to striking colour palettes, you’ll find something here that slots right into your content mix.

1235 landing page resources: The ultimate list

Invite your users over the threshold by freshening up your landing pages. User Testing has compiled a hefty list of 35 essential landing page tips and tactics, including how to optimise conversion. Helpfully, they’re categorised for beginner, marketer, copywriter and designer.

1310 tips in link building and content marketing

Some SEOs may be willing to take shortcuts, but those that see the big picture know the value of consistently obtaining relevant, authoritative links. This is done through savvy content marketing and promotion – great content pieces that resonate with the audience and that other websites want to link to and share. Here are 10 ideas to keep in mind.

14Five incredibly specific tactics for writing enchanting copy

You don’t need to be able to weave a fairytale to connect to your audience. Get your website copy up to scratch with five specific tactics outlined by Marketing Profs.

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