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July 15, 2015Uncategorized

The week in content marketing with strategist Lieu Pham

This week Coca-Cola’s first campaign since its viral success, Share a Coke, and we look at the Northern Territory’s $1 million hook to increase tourism. In other news, natural animal health is the latest industry to harness the power of content marketing, and ordering at McDonald’s will soon be faster than ever, thanks to iBeacon technology.

Also in this edition, Advertising Age provides the steps to changing up the social media game, and James Green from Marketing Land talks about approaching intent data challenges to unlock highly profitable consumer insights.

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8Meet Pawl, the world’s first canine naturopath

To complement the company’s new PAW (Pure Animal Wellbeing) brand, Blackmores has hired an interactive dog ambassador, Pawl B. More, to launch the organisation’s latest content marketing campaign. Pawl is a kelpie border collie cross who provides natural animal health advice for pet owners. Users are encouraged to ask the spokesdog questions relating to animal health at

7Influential dance music site inhabits fringe of EDM culture

 The New York Times profiles Resident Advisor, one of the world’s largest online electronic music magazines. Ben Sisario looks at the idiosyncratic approach to content taken by the Australian-born media outlet, which has made it a powerful leader in the $7 billion industry. 


12What boutique beers can teach us about storytelling

It’s no secret that Australians appreciate a good ol’ beer at the end of a hard working day and currently, boutique beers are gaining ground from the beverage giants. So, what do content marketing and craft beers have in common? They both have stories to tell. Robert Pease explains the importance of enriching the invisible landscape to foster connections among the experience-seeking market. 


1Share a Coke with Times Square

Following on from the Share a Coke campaign, Coke has launched another buzz-filled outdoor media stunt. The new Twitter board located in the middle of Times Square expands on the successful name-based marketing initiative, showing fun facts about the names of people who tweet to the sign. 


13Tourism NT lures visitors to the Top End with a $1M barramundi

 Tourism NT has partnered with Crownbet for a campaign to attract tourists to the Northern Territory during the low season. The initiative will see 76 barramundi released into various locations in the Top End, with one of them worth $1 million to whoever catches it. The remaining 75 fish carry a $10,000 cash prize. Check out the promotional videos here.


Social & Tech

6McDonalds is getting a little bit more fancy with iBeacon technology

Apple’s iBeacon is rumoured to be the next big thing for retailers. McDonald’s has been testing out the location-based technology in a bid to increase engagement and streamline the ordering process. IBeacon enables McDonald’s to bring food to your table, create automatic orders within seconds of arriving, send targeted offers and create tailored loyalty programs. 

11Mobile marketers rejoice – users don’t hate your ads as much as you think

High fives all round for digital marketers: apparently consumers won’t pay to keep your ads away! New research conducted by mobile marketing firm AppLovin found that a surprisingly small percentage of consumers were willing to pay any extra to wipe ads from their smartphones.


2Beauty and the geek: Make-up vlogger Michelle Phan is releasing a digital comic book

YouTube beauty vlogger sensation, Michelle Phan, can now add a new profession to her resume: comic book writer. The young entrepreneur has already launched an online video network, a make-up subscription service and a music label. Phan’s digital comic, The Enchantress, tells the story of a super badass butt-kicking songstress.

5Facebook expands newsfeed controls

Facebook’s new See First feature allows you to take full control of the top of your newsfeed by specifying whose posts you would like to – yes – see first. On smartphones, Facebook will suggest See Firsts based on past actions, suggest potential un-follows from those annoying people (like me) who spam feeds with dancing cats, and easily let you re-follow people you previously culled (when you realise you miss those really funny cat videos). This push for tailored information is just another step towards greater consumer control.


Tips & Tactics

35 steps to re-writing the social playbook for game-changing success

Matt Wurst from Advertising Age shares the five steps to social success through streamlined planning, highly useful content, paid media, performance measurement and balanced integration efforts.


10Attn: B2B marketers – are you prepared for complete millennial domination?

Recent research has shown that over 50 per cent of B2B researchers are millennials and this, coupled with the fact that in five years millennials will make up more than half the workforce, has big implications for B2B sales. It’s imperative that B2B marketers keep up to date with millennials’ purchasing behaviours. Business to Community shares the three steps that will foster engagement and win over the army of 18- to 30-somethings.


4Overcoming the challenges of intent data to strengthen brand experiences and influence acquisition

Last week we talked about the death of demographics and the powerful opportunities available in consumer intent segmentation methods. James Green from Marketing Land takes a further look at the most effective approaches to addressing marketing tech shortfalls and unlocking information that’s packed with game-changing insights.


9Six ways to reduce the level of consumer effort through content 

With more than 27 million pieces of content being shared every day, it’s inevitable that consumers may become overwhelmed by the vast amount of information available. Dan Brotzel from the Econsultancy blog offers six ways to reduce the time and effort consumers spend on the information search process to allow for maximum engagement.


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