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December 21, 2016Content marketing
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The year in content marketing with Lieu Pham


Welcome to our last issue of TWICM for 2016.

As a send-off, we’ve curated the best content from all the faces, channels and brands that have made their mark this year.


Happy holidays!

Lieu & the TWICM team.

The year in ad creativity

Imagine booking an Airbnb for your next vacation destination and finding that you’re staying in a life-sized version of Van Gogh’s bedroom – well Leo Burnett made this a reality. Surprisingly, fine art was one of the top marketing trends this year, along with politics, virtual reality and artificial intelligence. Read about the top 20 trends that are sure to keep you very entertained. [via Adweek]

The year on YouTube

What better way to sum up the year than to put all the top YouTube personalities, music artists and inventions into a single video with some of the most popular soundtracks of the year? YouTube has paid homage to pop culture by condensing the top challenges (100 coats of nail polish challenge anyone?), songs (that Chainsmokers remix you’re tired of hearing at parties) and games (you go Pokémon Go!) into a cheerful and entertaining six-minute video that’s sure to leave you pretty nostalgic. [via YouTube]

The year in slang words

I freakin luv dat Insta post y’know? It’s so vogue-esque! Understand that? That phrase alone contains five of the top 10 slang words of 2016. If things still don’t make sense, it’s time to check out this article for the essential words you need to add to your dictionary. You snooze, you lose. Zzz. [via Grammarly]

The year on Facebook

Nobody can deny the significance of Facebook – advertisers use the platform to reach out to audiences, teens follow their fave celebs and parents use it to keep tabs on their busy children. However, it was a big year for politics on the social networking site: the US presidential elections, Brazilian politics, and Rodrigo Duterte and the Philippine presidential elections were in Facebook’s top 10 most talked about global topics. But is anyone surprised that Pokémon Go was third on the list? [via Facebook]

The year in Getty Images

Getty Images has revealed its top pictures of the year. The photos ranged from heartbreaking shots of the Syrian civil war to the Drumpf family during the election campaign. A picture speaks a thousand words, so we’ll leave it to you to appreciate these compelling photographs that attempt to sum up this stunning but stressful year. [via Getty Images]

The year in marketing campaigns

Advertisers are always battling it out to produce the most compelling campaigns and attract the greatest audience share. Learn from the best marketing campaigns this year – they tugged at our heartstrings, made us tear up a little through real-life stories, inspired us with slick dance moves and showed clients that brands listen to their needs. [via Marketing Week (part 1), Marketing Week (part 2)]

The year in marketing storylines

This year, Pokémon Go exploded onto the tech scene, making it one of the most popular free apps. At one point, people were using Pokémon Go more than Instagram. This is but a glimpse into the potential that is virtual reality – and just one marketing storyline that brands should be getting acquainted with. [via Contently]

The year in Instagram

2016 was a big year for Instagram. It celebrated 500 million users, challenged Snapchat by introducing Instagram Stories and debuted a fresh interface. What can Instagram wow us with next? Brands may be pleased to know that they will soon be able to tag their products on their uploaded pictures, allowing users to shop directly from their feeds. [via Brogan & Partners]

The year in Google search

Before you look at Google’s top search lists for 2016, watch their two-minute video. It’s a reminder of some of the most heartwarming and devastating moments of the year, and it may just bring a tear to your eye. [via Google]

The year on Tumblr

Find out what Tumblr fans shared and are most enthusiastic about, all ranked by Tumblr’s Fandometrics. The most-loved content is sorted into categories including K-Pop, Memes, Reality Stars, Bands, Athletes and Live Action TV. [via Tumblr]

The year on the ‘gram

Pope Francis joined the Insta-Fam this year and has already gained more than 3.4 million followers. Selena Gomez held her spot as the most followed celebrity on Instagram with 103 million followers, which, to put things into perspective, is the size of the Philippines. With so many inspirational personalities, brands and celebrities on the Insta bandwagon, you’re missing out if you are not using it already! [via CNN]

The year in marketing news

Marketing Land looks at marketing every day of the year, so they’ve got a lot of ‘year in review’ content to come throughout December. They’ve started with the top marketing news stories of 2016, which cover everything from measurement errors to on-demand geofilters. [via Marketing Land]

The year in digital marketing tools

Knowing and using the right marketing tools for your business might be tough given the number of options you have. StartupNation streamlined a list of 2016’s top digital marketing tools, such as taking advantage of email marketing and SEO to help kickstart your business. [via StartupNation]

The year in martech

Marketing technology is only just beginning to gain ground. Companies are now using multiple point solutions instead of relying on a single-vendor suite for their needs, and adopting an agile approach to seizing opportunities. Explore ways to expand or boost your company’s martech stack and prepare for an even more exciting year ahead. [via Marketing Land]

The year in social media marketing

This is the era of social media, and if advertisers and brands aren’t using it to market their products, they’re definitely missing out. Twitter, for example, has removed restrictions surrounding its 140-character limit by not including uploaded photos in the character count. Facebook and Instagram are also constantly revamping their features to allow brands to sell their products more easily and reach greater audiences. Advertisers will need to be on the lookout for more of these changes in the coming year. [via Nanigans]

The year in Yahoo search

Ever wondered what people search for on Yahoo? Yahoo rounds up this year’s top searches, which placed the 2016 US election and Donald Drumpf in the top two positions. You might be surprised that Roblox, a massive multi-player online game, clinched third place. [via Yahoo]

The year in branding

Loyal Apple fans will be pleased to know that Apple has topped the Best Global Brands 2016 Rankings, with a current brand value of $178,119m. It has seen a steady increase in its brand value since the 2000s. Apple is followed not-so-closely by Google and Coca Cola, with brand values of $133,252m and $73,102m respectively. [via Interbrand, Interbrand]

The year in podcasting

The growth of podcasts can be credited to our busy schedules. We want quality content on the go, and when it suits us. Whether it be at the gym, on the bus or while driving to work, a good podcast can brighten your day with new insights or a laugh. Check out these lists of the best podcasts of 2016, covering everything from politics to sports and comedy. [via Vulture, Business Insider, The New York Times, Huffington Post]

The year on Apple

Apple has celebrated the end of an amazing year for apps, music and tech by compiling a list of top picks in those categories. Snapchat was officially the most downloaded free iPhone app in the App Store this year, while Drake took the top song (One Dance) and album (Views) on Apple Music. App Store editors also shared their App of the Year picks – try them out, you might like them too! [via Apple]

The year in advertising trends

Who would you consider an influencer? Years ago, it might have been a notable person or celebrity, but in today’s terms, you and I have the potential to be one. 2016 was the year where brands relied on these relatable personalities to market their products, powered by the growth of social media and audiences’ access to mobile technology. Other top advertising trends included advertising through storytelling and ad blocking. [via Pandora for Brands]

The year in bad TV

While we want to celebrate the best of 2016, we can’t possibly miss talking about the worst, too. From hearing and seeing Drumpf everywhere to Chelsea Handler’s poor late-night show on Netflix, Variety has found some things on TV that we would be fine ending the year without. [via Variety]

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