The week in content marketing #146

December 14, 2016Content marketing

The week in content marketing with Lieu Pham

Did you know that Nike was once known as Blue Ribbon Sports? This week, we learn some interesting company name changes to add to our trivia knowledge! Speaking of Nike, its new ad campaign is set to surprise. Watch it yourself to see if the minimalistic approach inspires you… to just do it.

In other news, GoPro announces the closure of its entertainment unit, Netflix knows what you’re watching when you’re not binge watching, and webinars are being challenged by on-demand video.

And to the delight of office workers everywhere, corporate memos may soon become obsolete. Imagine your boss sending you a video invite to a team meeting instead of a formal email – the possibilities are endless.


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the week in content marketing

Just watch it… then do it!

Nike’s new ad campaign is going to make you do a double take. With simple white text against a plain black background, the idea is to get us to stop wasting time on electronic screens and frivolous activities and do something active instead. Ironic, since viewers are spending time watching the ad when they could be working out. This is a move away from Nike’s usual adrenaline-pumping visuals, and could disrupt expectations of the advertising industry.

the week in content marketing

GoPro cuts entertainment unit

Content marketing took a hit this week. GoPro announced a 15 per cent cut of its workforce and a closure of its entertainment unit, and The Daily Mail is writing down its $31 million investment in New York-based startup Elite Daily only two years after purchasing it. Listen to the PNR This Old Marketing podcast for other industry news, including how controversial news network Breitbart monetises its site traffic.

the week in content marketing

Movies still on demand on Netflix

What do you watch after finishing a series on Netflix? Netflix has found that movies play a complementary role to television, with some very interesting trends. By examining viewing data, the streaming service found that more than half of its TV series binge watchers took a one-to-three-day break after finishing a series. During that time, more than half of those viewers watched a standalone movie, documentary or stand-up special before beginning a new series.

the week in content marketing

The bright future of social media

There’s no doubt that social media plays a hugely significant role in the advertising and marketing industries. It’s been so successful, we can only expect the number of social networks to grow and the devices and platforms to become more integrated. Read up on the future of social media and what trends might be in store. And don’t be too surprised if your next employer manages to find out all about you and your social networking before you even meet!

the week in content marketing

Chinese companies breaking into the Western market

Ever heard of Huawei, Oppo or Vivo? They’re currently the number three, four and five global smartphone players and they’re keeping Apple and Samsung on their toes. They’re also a few of the many Chinese companies trying to enter the Western market. The Western agencies helping these Chinese companies with branding also see the potential in tapping into the 1.37 billion strong domestic market, making it a win-win. So watch out, the next big thing may be manufactured by a company you haven’t even heard of… yet.

the week in content marketing

How to combat challenges in influencer campaigns

Engaging influencers to market your products can be hugely successful, but only if done right. Learn about the things that may possibly go wrong while engaging an influencer and how to prevent (or fix) the issues so you can get the most out of your engagement.

the week in content marketing

No corporate memos here!

When Julie Sweet became the CEO of Accenture’s North American business, she chose to communicate with her employees through webcasts and videos rather than traditional memos and emails. These live-streamed or pre-taped messages are an innovative way to maintain authenticity and engagement with employees without compromising on efficiency.

the week in content marketing

Brad who?

Who knew that Pepsi was once known as Brad’s Drink? Sometimes a name change can make all the difference to a company’s image. But do you know who was originally called AuctionWeb? And who was BackRub?! Check out these companies’ new names and logos that we would gladly choose over their originals any day.

the week in content marketing

Goodbye webinars, hello on-demand content

Webinars might be on their way out if on-demand video producers have anything to say about it. Considering the difficulty people have with finding time to watch a ‘live’ talk, it’s actually surprising that it has taken so long to introduce on-demand video. Creating pre-recorded videos not only allows users to engage with the content when it suits them, it also reduces the stress of producing a show ‘live’ and can result in higher quality content.

Snapchat launches a group chat feature

Want to chat with a bunch of your friends on Snapchat? Now you can. The messaging app has announced several new features including a group function for up to 16 people. The chats and snaps will disappear after 24 hours and can only be replayed once. You can also start a private chat from within the group, just in case you don’t want to share everything with everyone!

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