The week in content marketing #143

November 23, 2016Content marketing
the week in content marketing

The week in content marketing with Lieu Pham

This week, we see popular social media platforms Twitter and Instagram introducing new features to stay relevant. Want to live broadcast your next event to your Instagram followers? You’ll soon be able to with Instagram Live!

For the swipe right (or left) generation, finding your next break at work has never been easier or more mobile. Bumble has introduced BumbleBizz, a dating-style app for career networking, which allow users to match with like-minded peers.

Also in this edition, the age-old art of storytelling receives a modern twist. Native advertising moves into our soundwaves with GE’s latest fiction podcast, LifeAfter, while Google’s storytelling software allows you to unlock different storylines on your mobile device. The final Google film in the interactive story series has been released, so catch it soon!


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the week in content marketing

Brands step up to make their own podcasts

Why spend money sponsoring a hit series when you can create your own? That’s exactly what brands hoping to reach out to podcast-listening audiences are doing. LifeAfter, the latest fiction podcast by General Electric, produced with the Panoply podcasting network, will address and explore hot topics such as artificial intelligence and the digital afterlife. The first episode in the 10-episode series made the iTunes top 20 within a week of release.

the week in content marketing

WeChat goes international

WeChat is setting its sights far and wide. Although it already has a strong user base in China, the messaging app is seeking to expand its reach with the launch of its International Advertising Solutions business. The plan is to provide services such as creative design, ad placement execution and reporting, which will help brands and merchants tap into the lucrative Chinese tourist market. First up: Singapore.

the week in content marketing

Get ready for new Insta features

Instagram has shown they might well be the most holistic and relevant social networking app right now, by combining the highlights of Snapchat, Periscope and Facebook with two new features: live video broadcasting and disappearing content. Instagram Live will allow live broadcasting, while Instagram Direct allows users to send direct content to their followers but will disappear after the receiver has viewed it. Looks like we don’t need that many apps anymore.

the week in content marketing

No resumés needed – just swipe right

Swipe right on your next career opportunity. Expected to arrive in early 2017, Bumble’s latest offering – BumbleBizz – will allow users to get a headstart on networking by matching them with potential career peers and mentors. Users simply upload their career-related profiles and the app does the rest of the data harnessing. Using a few NSFW pictures on your Bumble dating profile? Don’t worry. Users will be able to switch between three profiles: BumbleBFF for making friends, Bumble for dating and BumbleBizz.

the week in content marketing

Snapchat for brands

Snapchat is not just for fans trying to get a glimpse into their favourite celebrity’s lifestyle. B2B brands can also capitalise on this social media platform as a channel for increasing audience numbers. Tips include having a plan or storyline to capture attention, focusing on interaction with the user and, true to Snapchat’s easygoing vibe, keeping it raw and in-the-moment.

the week in content marketing

Share your stories, get a TV show

With the new collaboration between social publishing platform Wattpad and Universal Cable Productions, the stories you share publicly may potentially get turned into a TV show. Aron Levitz, the head of Wattpad Studios, says information gathered from their huge database of stories will help to identify compelling stories, spearheading data-driven and community-driven entertainment. So be careful what you share on Wattpad!

Branding your podcast

After finding success with Facebook Lite, designed to work on 2G wireless networks, Facebook is now offering a standalone version of its messaging app for people with older devices or low connectivity. Messenger Lite still allows users to send text, photos and links, but they can’t interact with bots or access Messenger for Business. The app is currently available in Kenya, Tunisia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Venezuela.

the week in content marketing

Enhancing the Twitter helpdesk

Twitter has become one of the most popular platforms for getting quick responses and sending feedback to brands. To enable greater privacy, security and conversations between active brands and users, Twitter has introduced two new features: a welcome message, and a quick-reply function which combines guided replies and AI conversations.

the week in content marketing

Storytelling with a twist

Bedtime stories will never be the same again. For three years, Google Spotlight Stories, with its cutting-edge technology and experienced team of animators, has been improving its storytelling software to develop 360-degree and virtual reality films for mobile devices. No one story will be the same, as users moving around their device will unlock various subplots and endings. Catch Rain or Shine now, the last, but most complicated, of these Google films.

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