The week in content marketing #134

October 13, 2016Content marketing

The week in content marketing with Lieu Pham

This week, we learn about the newly formed Coalition for Better Ads, who are on a mission to fix the state of advertising – but is it possible to regulate ads across the internet’s 4.75 billion pages? Here’s hoping.

Over in San Francisco, John Yembrick shares his journey as NASA’s social media manager, while contemplates its surprisingly young audience. Globally, data-driven storytelling is fast gaining traction as a traffic-generating tool, while the CMI contemplates the ‘more or less?’ content conundrum.

Finally, Moz makes the headline-writing task a little easier by giving us some tips on how to generate the most suitable titles for your blogs and content.

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Spruce up your Insta game

Instagram recently courted controversy when it introduced Instagram Stories, the feature that serves an all-too-similar function to Snapchat. While loyal Snapchat fans debated whether they should use Instagram to provide snapshots to their followers, brand managers saw it as a new avenue to market their products. Get some inspiration from NASA, GoPro, TechCrunch and more, and see how they successfully capture audiences with the magic of storytelling and a little creativity.

Consumers set to receive a better online advertising experience

Feeling irritated that you have to sit through a three-minute detergent ad when you just want to watch that latest viral video? This might change if The Coalition for Better Ads have their way. The Coalition will develop “consumer-based, data-driven standards” for online advertising, then implement these standards and promote them to consumers and businesses. Founding Coalition members include Google, Unilever and Procter & Gamble.

The future of content is… more content?

It’s no secret that the internet hasn’t reached its full potential, especially when it comes to providing content. On the plus side, that means there are still opportunities out there! This week’s Content Marketing Institute podcast discusses how consumers should expect to not only see more content, but also to experience better quality and more relatable, personalised content.

Too young for social media?

Video generation site is in a tricky situation. Although its terms of service prohibit children under 13 from signing up, a significant number of its 100 million users might very well be much younger. Alex Hofmann, president of, says he’s monitoring the situation and keeping in close contact with parents. He’s hopeful that the app’s consumer base will diversify to include older ‘musers’ – the name users go by.

Get schooled in social with Facebook

The Miami Ad School has become the first school in the world to partner with and incorporate Facebook’s e-learning platform, Facebook Blueprint, into its curriculum. In a special Social Media Boot Camp, the Blueprint Certification aims to equip digital advertising professionals with expertise in content strategies, insights, data and analytics, paid media and maximising ROI.

Finding the messenger for the Indian market

In a bid to compete in the Indian market, Facebook has hired ex-Yahoo senior executive Anand Chandrasekaran to develop global partnerships and strategies for Facebook’s messaging app. It will be interesting to see what Chandrasekaran has planned, and whether he can turn the tide in favour of Facebook, particularly considering India’s lukewarm response to the platform’s initiative in 2015.

Speak up on your messaging app

Manual texting may soon be a thing of the past. As voice-recognition technology improves, hands-free and vision-free messaging is expected to grow. Facebook has been working on understanding voice interactions in real life, while Google is preparing to launch a new voice-clip messaging app, Allo. As Facebook Messenger evolves, users can also expect to see voice memos being incorporated into the app.

Let the internet help you write better headlines

Having trouble writing a headline for SEO purposes? Don’t despair – help is available. Several online title generators, including Moz Pro and HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator, use keywords to generate a list of title ideas. Simply type in your topic or keyword, and you’ll instantly receive ideas for your next blog. Don’t succumb to clickbait; choose topic generators instead!

Go ahead, tell me a story

Data-driven stories allow journalists to provide insight into large sets of data that readers may otherwise struggle to understand – Moneyball is a great example. Many brands are starting to take the same approach, and are developing their own data-driven stories to improve audience engagement. This how-to piece from BuzzSumo has advice for those looking to apply data in their content; there’s everything from establishing ranking tables to making predictions from machine learning. Happy data mining!

Hear from the man who manages more than 500 social media accounts

As NASA’s social media manager, John Yembrick is constantly on the lookout for ways to attract new audiences and stay relevant. Instead of posting anything and everything, he says he tries to cover broad topics about research projects, make them accessible to the layperson, and explain how those projects may impact people on the ground, literally.





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