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March 13, 2015Uncategorized

The week in content marketing with King Content strategist Lieu Pham

This week, we learn about Chartbeat’s mission to save journalism with metrics and read a scientific study confirming what we already know – display ads are out, native is in. Speaking of native, Netflix is partnering with The Atlantic to promo its third series of House of Cards, and native as a practice is highlighted as a key trend in the recently released State of the Media report.

Meanwhile Facebook releases its Topic Data product for marketers and Google opens up shop – offline.

Content Marketing & Media

week-in-content-marketingState of the Media Report 2015

The study released by PR tech company Cision reveals the increasing importance of social, digital and mobile platforms in the media industry and highlights how newsrooms are being reinvented through the adoption of new content models. While these trends aren’t surprising, what is interesting is the revelation that 43 per cent of respondents had a favourable stance on native advertising, with 49 per cent believing it would bring in more revenue than traditional advertising this year.


ViralNova is offering sponsored content 

The aggregated site boasting over 100 million readers is offering brands a native product – sponsored content that feels like regular content, as well as the staff writers to create it. The team’s sales pitch is that it can not only create content but also make it go viral. ViralNova is representative of a trend of media organisations embracing sponsored content in an effort to find additional revenue streams.


Netflix goes native on The Atlantic

Netflix is no stranger to native. Recently it paid The Atlantic a six-figure sum to create a report with interactive and dynamic content to draw attention to the third series of Netflix’s original series House of Cards. The content, which features video and interactive charts, explores the relationship between American presidents and their wives, including that of the fictitious first couple in the popular political drama.


week-in-content-marketingScientific proof that no-one pays attention to banner ads

The widely accepted perception that display ads are ineffective has just been confirmed by a new study involving eye-tracking technology and neuroscience. The study, funded by Nielsen and a native advertising agency, shows how readers processed different online ads, comparing native ads with display. Overall, the study revealed people on tablets spent twice as much time focusing on native, compared with banner ads.


7Can Tony Haile save journalism by changing the metric?

Chartbeat is credited as the first analytics company that allowed editors to see a website’s audience in real time, allowing them to see which stories, by which journalists, were performing the best. In its early days Chartbeat used traffic metrics, as did many analytics companies, to measure success. Recently, Chartbeat’s CEO has emerged as a champion of more meaningful metrics – specifically engagement, which he believes can better align advertising spend with ROI.

Social & Tech

9What do Instagram, BuzzFeed and Yahoo all have in common? 

As we shift to stream-based viewing (mobile users in particular), marketers will need to consider how content will be displayed in this viewing environment. While some people claim the homepage is dead, others argue that as a ‘stream for desktop’ homepages are very much alive. Using Yahoo, BuzzFeed and Instagram as examples, this blog piece explains why.


13Intel and Dell launch What Lives Inside, a new social film 

US entertainment network Hulu is premiering a new film called What Lives Inside, and its guest character is the new Dell Venue 8 7000 Series tablet. The film is the fourth in a series of brand-sponsored content; the first was a partnership with Toshiba. To boost What Lives Inside‘s credentials is Hollywood star power: the film is directed by Oscar-winner Robert Stromberg (Avatar) and stars recent Oscar-winner J.K. Simmons, Colin Hanks and Catherine O’Hara.


14Facebook will provide audience insights for marketers

A new data product called Topic Data is Facebook’s attempt to provide more meaningful audience insights to brands. Specifically, it will provide brands and marketers with information on what Facebook users are saying about brands, products, events, activities and other related subjects.


3Google opens its first branded retail store

The tech giant has opened a bricks-and-mortar shop – or more specifically, a shop within a shop. The store is a place to learn more about – yep, you guessed it – Google products and services.



11The daring future of YouTube

This Kernel article explores the wonderful world of YouTube and its broad user base – everyone from YouTubers (curators with a fanbase) through to the everyday person uploading clips of their funnies. While most platforms operate in a niche, YouTube’s fame and fortune has come from a variety of sources. According to Rae Votta, “Trying to define the future of [YouTube] is like trying to define the future of the written word.”


Tips, Tools & Tactics

5What are your favourite blogs and websites?

Buffer asked its readers to submit their favourite sites for social media productivity and inspiration, and they answered the call in large numbers. Here are the results.


6A step-by-step guide to get your content marketing program off the ground

To help you with your content marketing efforts, the CMI has created the workbook “Launch Your Own Content Marketing Program”. This very practical guide features a series of tasks building towards a content marketing program in a logical and easy-to-follow pathway.


12How to write a listicle for your brand

We’ve all been seduced by them – listicles. This viral fuel is a popular format on such platforms as BuzzFeed and The Huffington Post and is often credited for creating booming traffic and clickthrough rates. For those to who aspire to chunk their content into an itemised list, Ragan offers a how-to.


812 ebooks for better content performance

It’s no surprise that I love a good curated list. Top Rank Blog offers a list of 12 recently published ebooks to help content marketers and strategists with tips and context to aid them in improving their content marketing in 2015.




Love, dating and commitment in B2B content marketing 

According to this year’s first Content Conversations meet-up in Singapore hosted by Outbrain, the two things B2B marketers can work on in 2015 are putting emotion into content and demonstrating ROI to top executives.


Native ad controversy is a storm in a teacup

Native advertising has plenty of detractors. Those who oppose it often do so either because they’re fiercely protective of the profession of journalism, or because they fear consumers will be tricked into reading promotional content in the guise of editorial. Both are absolutely valid points.


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