The week in content marketing #129

August 18, 2016Content marketing

The week in content marketing with Lieu Pham

This week we travel to Rio with Coke, to peek behind the curtains on their real-time Olympic newsroom. Over in Sweden, Electrolux wants to pay you for your food ideas in a user-generated-content play. Will you help them create the next big thing in cooking?
In other news, it looks like Gawker’s days as an independent company are numbered as the New York Times speculates on its potential buyers, while Hillary Clinton releases a podcast to connect with voters more intimately.
Finally, we take a closer look at optimising your digital campaign for Google’s AMP and Facebook’s Instant Articles. Aleh Barysevich, co-founder of, discusses the pros and cons of each tactic.

– Lieu

The team behind Coke’s real-time coverage of the Olympics

Coke is stepping up their game at the Olympics by tapping into “in-the-moment” engagement with fans. But how does the beverage company keep up with so many conversations globally? Take a look inside Coke’s real-time newsroom that uses a four-pillar consumer engagement model.

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New toys for mobile search from Facebook and Google

Both Google and Facebook have come up with new optimisation suggestions to make the most of their platforms. Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) encourages you to optimise your content for mobile in order to reach search users on the go. Meanwhile, Facebook recommends you create content fit for Facebook app users. Here’s a deep dive into both approaches.

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Gawker’s potential suitors

It’s been a rough ride for Gawker since it released an unauthorised sex tape of Hulk Hogan. With US$140 million in lawsuits, the media company filed for bankruptcy and put itself up for sale two months ago. Who will swoop in and purchase Gawker? Potential bidders include Ziff Davis, New York Magazine and Univision.

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Electrolux is dangling a €10,000 carrot for your food ideas

Electrolux, a Swedish home appliance company, thinks the next food innovation will be from home chefs and normal people like you. If you have an awesome idea for how to make cooking healthier and more sustainable, Electrolux is willing to pay €10,000 and fly you to Stockholm to make it a reality.

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Brands come up against Olympic Rule 40

Since its introduction in 1991, Rule 40 has barred Olympic athletes from mentioning their sponsors “before and during the games”. However, the IOC is having a tough time enforcing the rule, particularly since the advent of social media. This year, some brands and athletes have been cleverly bending – but not breaking – Rule 40.

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Snapchat gears up to buy Vurb

Snapchat could be upgrading its search features, with plans to purchase Vurb, a mobile search and discovery app. The image messaging app is looking to incorporate Vurb’s technology into its own platform. The price tag is US$110 million.

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Listen “With Her”

Interested in what an average day for Hillary Clinton is like? The US presidential candidate is launching her official campaign podcast, “With Her”, to show voters a little more personality. Plug in those headphones as Hillary gives us the what’s what in her bid for the presidency.

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Hologram-filled world is on the horizon

Will Shanklin from New Atlas got his hands on a HoloLens from Microsoft. The Star Trek-esque visor augments reality and fills it with holograms. Imagine the gaming and movie possibilities!

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Adblock Plus vs. Facebook

Facebook recently launched a tool to help users choose what kind of ads they see in their newsfeeds. Adblock Plus immediately responded by releasing a code that will circumvent Facebook’s new system and continue blocking ads on the social network. It’s a battle of wits between open source developers and the ad-driven social media giant.







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