The week in content marketing #126

July 27, 2016Content marketing

The week in content marketing with Lieu Pham


It’s an exciting week for Trekkies and art lovers as Google gives Star Trek fans access to live videos from San Diego Comic-Con. The tech giant also released the Arts & Culture app, which enables users to visit art exhibitions around the world from the palms of their hands.

Live streaming is the flavour of the week as Twitter brings baseball and hockey to sports fans, and Facebook Live sharpens its audience targeting tool.

Meanwhile, Hillary’s in-house digital team, Studio 2016, will give us a behind-the-scenes look at the Democratic National Convention with DNC Live. The show includes a live stream of the political event, complete with expert analysts and guest pundits.


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More than 38 content marketing campaigns that will make you look twice

Ann Gynn from the CMI gives us a look at a few dozen gems from the content marketing world. Ranging from Holiday World’s campaign that merges their amusement park experience with their website, to Cabot Creamery’s content centred on their cows and farmers. See what these brands are doing right!





2Is the future of watching sports on Twitter?

Twitter has plans to expand its live streaming sports offering. The social media platform inked a deal with the NFL earlier this year to bring Thursday Night Football to tweeters. Now it’s going to add MLB and NHL to its repertoire. In 140 characters or less, tell me how excited you guys/gals are!





3The world’s art galleries in your hands

From van Gogh’s “Landscape at Saint-Rémy” to portraits of cats, Google’s got you covered with its Arts & Culture app. Integrating the world’s art with virtual reality, users can tour some of the world’s most famous art exhibitions via their mobile devices.






44 new updates you should know as a social media marketer

Facebook adds an audience targeting tool to their live stream services and Periscope improves its UX with Replay Highlights. Learn about the new updates from your favourite social media platforms in this Social Media Examiner post.





5Yahoo will soon be part of Verizon

Making acquisition news this week, Verizon announced it will be buying Yahoo for $4.83 billion. The telecom giant plans to integrate the new purchase with their AOL properties, which it bought in 2015. Verizon will have over 25 brands in its portfolio when the integration is complete.





6How to navigate the uncharted path of ‘design’

Emerging technologies such as virtual reality and 3D printing will blur the “future of design”, and will touch almost every industry. Design experts weigh in on how you can prepare for this exciting and newly emerging world.






7Google boldly goes where no one has gone before… instantly

Google partnered with Paramount Pictures during San Diego Comic-Con to market the new film Star Trek Beyond. Google gave the movie studio’s team a set of tools to instantly edit film footage together with videos the cast and crew recorded at the convention, giving Trekkies a Comic-Con they won’t soon forget.





8The ‘liveliest’ DNC ever

It’s election year in the USA, and voters can participate in more ways than one. Studio 2016, the in-house digital team for Hillary’s campaign, will be orchestrating a live behind-the-scenes show during the Democratic National Convention. DNC Live will broadcast on social media and live stream on the internet.





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