The week in content marketing #125

July 20, 2016Content marketing

The week in content marketing with Lieu Pham

Video platforms dominate this week as YouTube attempts to tap into niche markets by offering three new apps: YouTube MusicYouTube Kids, and YouTube Gaming. Meanwhile, we discover the ways brands can use Snapchat, Periscope, and Facebook Live to create “sticky content.”

Over in Chicago, we experience what it’s like to sleep like van Gogh. Airbnb has developed a new platform for partners to create unique hosting experiences for their customers. The Art Institute of Chicago has already partnered with the travel accommodation company to re-create van Gogh’s bedroom for art-loving travelers.

Finally, we meet the geniuses behind Target’s new back-to-school campaign, a bunch of 8 to 17-year-old kids. Fast Company profiles the teens and tweens behind the ads.


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Mid adult man taking self portrait with smartphone

3 live-streaming apps advertisers can use to create “sticky content”

Periscope, Facebook Live and Snapchat are the next step forward for video content. So what’s the difference between live stream and ‘traditional video’ content? Live stream is in the moment, and it’s interactive. However, not all live-streaming apps are the same. Find out what’s what on each platform.




Grandfather having fun with his grandson outside.Istockalyspe Istanbul 2014.

Want to attract more customers? Put Pokemon on your menu

Savvy business owners are taking advantage of the Poké-phenomenon by buying in-game ‘lures’ to attract virtual Pokémon to their business locations. Players then go to local businesses to catch Pokémon, and some crack open a beer while they’re at it. L’inizio Pizza Bar in New York saw a 75 per cent boost in business after spending just $10 on lures.




Group of young people using technology in the park. Devices used are Digital tablets and laptops. 5 people total in the shot with shallow focus. They all look relaxed and are surfing the net, looking at social media sites and text messaging. There is some lens flare in the shot, time of day is afternoon just before sunset. All are casually dressed.

The multi-screen experience

We spend an average of seven hours staring at a screen every day, whether it’s on a tablet, phone, laptop/PC or television. This HubSpot post looks at the hows and whens of our screen-staring habits.







Man in a cafe using smartphone for contactless mobile payment

Mastercard moves beyond the card 

Mastercard is rebranding its products and there’s less emphasis on the card. The logo no longer capitalises the ‘c’ in card. It’s part of the company’s efforts to transition from a plastic card to digital payment methods. Mastercard is making big upgrades to its mobile payment system Masterpass, and showcasing some of its new features through partnerships with Pizza Hut and The Cheesecake Factory.




A multi-ethnic group of college age students are sitting together texting on their cell phones and taking selfies together.

YouTube is growing multiple heads to fight off competitors

With the growth of Snapchat, Amazon, Twitch and Facebook videos, YouTube is going small in an attempt to maintain its dominance in online videos. The video platform’s niche offerings now include YouTube Music, YouTube Kids and YouTube Gaming. The individual platforms will each offer a different UX based on the behaviour of the target audience.




Businesswoman examining cube at desk in office

 A “Night At” Airbnb

Airbnb, the travel accommodation company, is launching a “Night At” platform, which allows partners to creatively host their guests. The Art Institute of Chicago has already utilised the platform by re-creating the bedroom of artist Vincent van Gogh for guests to spend “a night at”.





A young Cecille B. DeMille wannabe directs his first film. Plenty of copy space for your type.

Target’s back-to-school campaign is created for kids, by kids

We’re now halfway through the US summer and Target is ramping up their back-to-school campaign. However, there’s an interesting twist to their new ads: they’re created by kids aged 8 to 17. The giant retailer is putting their money where their mouth is when it comes to believing in children’s potential.





Young woman sitting behind windowpane listening music with headphones

The ‘other’ of Youtube Music

YouTube’s strength has been its massive audience and its diversity. It reaches into the untapped talent of its user base and provides them with a platform to express themselves. Their approach to music streaming is no different. In YouTube Music’s latest ads, we’re treated to a host of diverse music lovers, ranging from a Korean hip-hop loving straphanger to an emotional airplane passenger listening to James Blake and Bon Iver.







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