The week in content marketing #124

July 13, 2016Content marketing

The week in content marketing with Lieu Pham

Pokémon is running wild this week with the release of gaming app Pokémon GO. Business Insider measures how popular the game is (spoiler alert: it’s on pace to beat Twitter in users). Meanwhile, Mashable investigates the global craze from a different angle – the game boasts augmented reality locations stretching from the North Pole to Antarctica.

Also, we look at an ambitious new show, The Runner, and its involvement in product placement marketing. The concept, which was originally created by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, combines a reality show with brand marketing and social media participation.

Lastly, we take a look into a buyer’s journey online. A study by Power Reviews finds that 70 per cent of online shoppers start off at either Google or Amazon. Find out where they go from there, and what online retailers should do to bring more shoppers to their websites.


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Smiling women using cell phone in forestHow Niantic built 5 million locations for Pokemon GO

How far away is the Pokémon gym from your current location? Chances are it’s pretty close. New app Pokémon GO lets users live out their childhood dreams of catching Pokémon in an augmented reality. The game features five million locations for gamers to interact with. Learn how John Hanke and his company Niantic managed to accomplish such a massive feat.






Happy teenagers looking at each other while holding smart phones outdoorsThe rapid growth of Pokemon GO

The game already boasts more users than Tinder and is on track to overtake Twitter. Find out the numbers of the insanely popular app and how much time players are spending on it. Gotta catch ’em all!







Business people having meeting in conference room, watching colleagues presentationWhy making your customers love you is the best marketing strategy

An eMarketer report found it costs at least 10x more to acquire new customers than it does to sell to existing ones. In this post, Marketo explore ways B2B marketers can maximise their returns on their current customer base.







Man checking mailbox3 steps to personalising your content marketing

Feel like your content is floating around on the internet and never reaching the eyes of your readers? Here are a few tips from several marketing veterans to ensure your content reaches the right person: talk to your audience, scale smarter and leverage data.






Crowded streets of Shinjuku in Tokyo, Japan.

Product placement 2.0

The Runner, a concept originally created by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, follows a contestant around the country who is being pursued by “chaser teams”. The new reality show enables viewers to participate in real time through social media. Find out how brands can use this new interactive show to gain exposure.






Online shopping.Hands holding credit card and using laptop.

Amazon and Google dominate online shopping

A new study by Power Reviews maps a buyer’s journey online. An astounding 70 per cent of online shoppers start either on Google or Amazon. Read on to learn what online retailers need to know to ensure their site’s success.







Film crew recording gay pride parade in Dublin, Ireland.

PepsiCo plans to create a self-sustaining marketing ecosystem

They call it the Creators League. It’s an in-house studio that leverages PepsiCo’s many brands to create sponsored content. The global company wants to sell their proprietary content and then use the profits to fund its own marketing projects.







Young couple sitting in a french cafe and using digital tablet. Man is holding the tablet and they are both looking at it. Woman is talking on the phone. Shot through the window.

How Facebook Messenger plans to be your favourite messaging app

Facebook Messenger has changed quite a lot since its creation in 2011. The popular messaging app has since added features such as video calls, e-payments and even private car ordering. In this New York Times article, we take a peek at what Facebook has in store for us in the future.







Businesswoman giving presentation to colleagues in conference

28 things marketers did (so far) in 2016 that will inspire you

Looking to spark your next great idea? Check out this list of 28 steal-worthy ideas including Mary Meeker’s much anticipated trend report, Venture capitalist Mark Suster’s Snapchat mini-tutorials, and Toki Wright’s surprise mixtape.









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