The week in content marketing #121

June 22, 2016Content marketing

The week in content marketing with Lieu Pham

How discerning are you with your emoji usage? You may want to start curating your favourites, because soon your emojis will affect the ads you see. Twitter announced plans to launch a new targeting tool that will allow advertisers to pinpoint users based on emoticons.

Meanwhile, IKEA is exploring new ways to design furniture (plot twist: they’re taking a page from tech companies!), Airbnb immerses movie-goers in their “Live There” campaign, and we take a look at Obama’s success on social media.

Finally, we cap off this edition with The King. LeBron delivered Cleveland their first championship in more than 50 years. There’s a touching tribute to fans from Nike.

Enjoy the rest of your week.






Laptop and coffeeHow to avoid crashing and burning your articles

Can’t seem to start your next article? Do you rewrite a million times before you come close to a final draft? Sean D’Souza from Copyblogger shares his system for consistently dishing out quality content. Write more efficiently with D’Souza’s four stages of writing.







Wirelessly sharing data between smartphones

 Twitter wants to target your winky faces

At least 110 billion emojis have been tweeted since 2014. Soon, advertisers will be able to target users based on these cute little pics. Don’t be surprised if you start seeing tissue ads next time you tweet the tears of joy.







Mother and Daughter reading magical book in living room

The open-source… sofa bed?

IKEA is changing the way it designs new products. Their inspiration.Tech and car companies. In collaboration with renowned furniture designer Tom Dixon, IKEA is in the process of creating a sofa bed that can be moulded and transformed. Parts can be added and taken off to suit the needs of the user.






Young people in movie theater

Head-turning ads by Airbnb

Airbnb will be distributing branded 3D glasses to movie-goers so they can be fully immersed in the new “Live There” campaign. By turning your head and looking in a different direction during the ad, you’ll see a different perspective of the ad. The campaign will be live during selected screenings of Finding Dory.






Facebook wants to help...1Facebook wants to help you create better mobile campaigns

The social media giant is launching Creative Hub, to coincide with the Cannes Lions Festival. It will allow advertisers to test formats and access case studies for mobile ads. It’s Facebook’s answer to the “enormous growth of mobile”.







Mobile payments

 Micro-moments’ are key to reaching mobile users   

In 2019, mobile ad spend is predicted to be $200 billion – or 70 per cent of the digital ad spend globally. The mobile user is in a different mindset. Learn why ‘micro-moments’ are important for advertisers when they want to reach mobile.







Free to run

52 years, 7 games, 1 trophy

It’s been more than 50 years since Cleveland won a championship in any major sport. Sunday night, LeBron and the Cleveland Cavaliers ended that drought. They overcame near-impossible odds to win it all, beating a Golden State Warriors team with the best record ever (73-9), and coming back after being down 3-1, a first in NBA finals history. Here’s Nike’s emotional tribute to Cleveland fans.






All Logo removed cellular camera phone is used to photograph Giant red ornaments, lights, on display along Sixth Avenue (Avenue of the Americas) in midtown Manhattan for the holiday season in the Manhattan Borough of New York, New York, USA. Creating videos for YouTube just got a whole lot easier

YouTube is releasing a host of new tools under the name YouTube Director. The product suite will help advertisers, especially small businesses, create and upload videos to YouTube. YouTube Director will also feature a program that connects businesses to video and editing professionals if they spend $150 on YouTube ads.






WASHINGTON - MAY12:  In this handout from the The White House, U.S. President Barack Obama plays football with the family dog Bo on the South Lawn of the  White House May 12, 2009 in Washington, DC.  (Photo by Pete Souza/The White House via Getty Images)

How Obama became a pioneer in social media politics

Often dubbed the first ‘social media president’, Barack Obama has had unprecedented success on social media. However, he didn’t do it alone. In this article, we take a peek at the team behind President Obama 2.0.







Close up of a man taking a picture (to camera)

Ad Age gives us an inside look at the Cannes Lions on Snapchat

The online publication has sent a team to the Cannes Lions Festival, and they’ll be giving us the inside scoop on what’s what in France before, during and after the event. Follow them on Snapchat to keep up!









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