The week in content marketing #120

June 15, 2016Content marketing

The week in content marketing with Lieu Pham

Sound on or sound off? That’s the question when it comes to branded video ads as Snapchat declares biometric supremacy over Facebook.

Meanwhile Quartz discusses whether Snapchat can appeal to older generations without alienating the young, a new study on Instagram reveals you’re happier when you’re ‘gramming, and Twitter’s share value spikes with the news of Microsoft’s planned acquisition of LinkedIn.

And in case you missed Mary Meeker’s 2016 Internet Trends presentation, check out Recode’s analysis with full slides. The takeout? Internet growth is slowing, voice and image search are on the up, and messaging apps are here to stay.

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1Microsoft set to buy LinkedIn for $26.2 billion

The technology giant is looking to improve its enterprise services with the acquisition of LinkedIn. With the purchase of the professional social network, Microsoft will strengthen its current CRM platform, Dynamics, and establish itself as a social media player.







2Could your mum and dad make Snapchat uncool?

Snapchat, popular among 18–24 year olds (Gen Z), is seeing a spike in popularity in the 25–34 and 35–44 age groups. While user growth is a good sign for the budding social media startup, Snapchat’s attractiveness to advertisers is its ability to reach a younger audience. Does the influx of older users mean losing its youth appeal?







3SupChina wants to humanise Chinese news

A majority of the news about China outside its borders has focused on government censorship and human rights. Anla Cheng, founder of SupChina, wants to change that. The startup will focus its efforts on human interest stories and Chinese sentiment on global developments. Cheng says she wants to balance all the “China bashing” news angles.







4Picture perfect moments make you happier

“Get off your phone, you’re missing out on life.” As it turns out, that’s not quite true. A new study conducted by the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business found that people who photograph moments for Instagram tend to have more enjoyable experiences. Researchers say IG photographers are more involved in a moment when they’re actively looking for picture-perfect shots.






5Organic seed takes a vulgar jab at “GMO bros”

A short animation from the Clif Bar Family Foundation features Mr. Seed, the GMO-free straight shooter. He’s literally full of sh– because that’s how organic food is grown. The boorish seed takes multiple jabs at his chemical-filled cousins and offers an alternative to pesticide-laced food.







6From Hulk Hogan sex tape to bankruptcy

Gawker filed for bankruptcy this week. The online media company known for its controversial pieces on public figures has been wrestling with legal troubles since it released a sex tape of Hulk Hogan back in 2012. Gawker is under tremendous financial pressure due to a $140-million judgement in favour of the former professional wrestler.







7Want to build brand loyalty? Teach people how to drink Scotch

144 million people currently have major ad blockers installed. The value of attention is rapidly increasing. Brands are adapting to the ad-averse environment by launching DIY campaigns. Whisky brand The Macallan created a millennial-targeted campaign by leading conversations on social media and releasing tutorials on how to drink scotch. It’s sniffing, pouring and sipping itself into consumers’ hearts.







The top 3 upcoming internet trends

At Code Conference, Mary Meeker of KPCB delivered a 213-page deck with plenty of useful data about internet trends. Recode’s top three takeaways are that internet growth is slowing, 50 per cent of all search will be speech and images within five years, and messaging apps will rival the home screen for your attention.







9Snapchat sounds off on ads

The social media platform partnered with Moat to conduct a study on the effectiveness of their ads. The main focus was audio. Snapchat claims their default sound-on content garners 2x more attention than the default sound-off content of Facebook. Looks like it’s Facebook’s move.







10In a boring industry? Make it sexy by creating newsworthy pieces

Denver Water wrote a tongue-in-cheek letter criticizing Jay Z for stating water is free. The letter was picked up by several outlets including Time Magazine and Entertainment Weekly. The takeaway? Brand journalism can transform ‘boring’ brands into interesting ones.










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