The week in content marketing #119

June 8, 2016Uncategorized

The week in content marketing with Lieu Pham

This week as the world mourns Muhammad Ali, we take stock of his legacy, his earnings inside the ring and his cultural impact outside it. His influence dwarves what he earned in dollars.

Also, find out what Elon Musk likes to think about when he’s not running Tesla or SpaceX. The futurist billionaire believes we live in a virtual simulation. Does this mean companies like Oculus VR are actually creating virtual realities within a virtual reality? How meta.

Meanwhile, we learn of Facebook’s game-changing partnership with Blizzard, and dive into a variety of successful marketing strategies, from Herschel’s social media growth to adidas’s guerilla genius within the NFL.

Enjoy your week, everyone!




1Facebook wants to pay you for your Instagram pics

Instagram currently has 400 million active users and accounts for 15 per cent of Facebook’s ad revenue. The platform is projected to bring in $1.53 billion in 2016. Zuckerberg and co want to share a chunk of that money with you, provided you’re a business with interesting content.







2There’s a chance we’re living in the Matrix – at least Elon Musk thinks so

When the time comes, will you take the red pill or the blue pill? Elon Musk, founder of Tesla and SpaceX and all-around smart guy, thinks there’s a possibility we’re a virtual reality simulation. He says that soon “games will become indistinguishable from reality”.







3Want to become a better writer? Stop reading Reddit

A new study suggests there’s a correlation between someone’s writing ability and the content they consume. If you get your news from websites that package their info in short bits with poor syntax, your writing will probably reflect it. Want to write like a New York Times journalist? Read more New York Times.







4Move over Twitch, Facebook wants to live stream your video games

Want to show off your latest Widowmaker play on Overwatch? Game developer Blizzard Entertainment will soon integrate Facebook Live into its game titles. There will be an in-game ‘Go Live’ option so players can live stream their games on their Facebook timeline. Get ready to share your inner nerd with your friends and family.







5Where’s that meme from?

Ever wonder who created the latest Game of Thrones meme? Or if someone is sharing your photos? Mediachain Labs can help. The company is using blockchain technology (the same technology used to track bitcoin) to create a way of properly tracking images on the internet. Mediachain Labs is currently partnered with MoMA, Getty Images and the Digital Public Library of America.







6Muhammad Ali’s influence can’t be measured in dollars

There’s no doubt Muhammad Ali was one of the most influential figures to have ever lived. However, you wouldn’t have guessed that if you only saw his boxing earnings. In his match against Larry Holmes, the greatest-of-all-time took home $8 million ($23 million accounting for inflation) – that’s a fraction of the $300 million Floyd Mayweather earned in his bout against Manny Pacquiao. Perhaps it’s more accurate to measure Ali’s success by his actions outside the ring.






7Why the NBA is more successful than tech companies in China

From the drafting of Yao Ming to Kobe having the number-one selling jersey in China, what’s the NBA’s secret sauce in reaching the Chinese market? And what can companies like Google and Netflix learn from the NBA? For a start, they could always hire Steph Curry to be their spokesperson.







8You won’t find these on Facebook or Reddit

UUUM is a Facebook group that collects memes which are not shareable – for the uninitiated, that’s Useless, Unsuccessful, and/or Unpopular Memes. You won’t find ‘Hey Girl’ Ryan Gosling here. However, is it really a meme if it hasn’t been shared, or is it just a collection of pictures with unfunny text?








How adidas became a successful party crasher

Under Armour is the official partner of the NFL Scouting Combine, an event the NFL holds annually to test the fitness of top college prospects. You wouldn’t know UA’s rank if you saw adidas’s presence at the event. The footwear company has successfully shoehorned itself into the NFL tradition through guerilla tactics.








Herschel says no to 500 investors

Herschel, the Canadian bag company that found its place in world by balancing affordability and style, is set to grow 500 per cent by 2020. The founders, brothers Lyndon and Jamie Cormack, resisted VC funding along the way. The formula for their success? Social media content and a patient strategy.










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