The week in content marketing #118

May 31, 2016Content marketing

The week in content marketing with Lieu Pham

Ad-tech is still topping the news charts with marketers attempting to simplify it for us, and data companies serving a more targeted approach.

Warc releases a communications channel bible for building brands in the digital age, and we learn about the world of DSaaS, Data Science as a Service.

And for those living in fear of the next algorithm Armageddon, we’ve also thrown in some great SEO tips from CMI to keep you covered.

Enjoy your week!



1The three key pieces of the display-ad puzzle

The multi-faceted, overlapping display-ad game is a hard concept to swallow. Marketers who see value in display ads must navigate through a maze of interconnected tech companies, and while it’s great to have options for reaching an audience, too many choices can often be a double-edged sword. Marketing Land attempts to simplify the topic of programmatic buying by explaining three must-know elements.





2The #gullible information-sharing society

If you came across a video of some kid drinking rat-polluted Dr Pepper, posted by a (seemingly) credible news source, you’d be no less than intrigued, right? Aside from feeling a little repulsed afterwards, why would you automatically share this on social under the impression that it’s actually legit? Ryan Scott from The Kernel explains why our need to share content keeps internet hoaxes alive and kicking.





3The 2016 Connection Strategy Casebook

Looking for a credible playbook for expanding your digital marketing communications? Look no further, because Warc just released the channel strategy bible for 2016. In the report, learn about the vital part that channels play in modern creativity, how partnerships are key to increasing reach and credibility, how to adopt an effective communications architecture model, and how to use data to develop and build out marketing campaigns.





4Welcome to the world of DSaaS: Data Science as a Service

Fraud, questionable impressions and brand safety are just some of the fears that companies face when dipping their toes in the display advertising pool. Two tech companies are committed to changing all that. Data and research platforms Krux and Survata have married traditional market research and analytics to gauge the mindsets of actual market segments in real time. Adweek explains how the process works and why it’s going to give companies both peace of mind and a bigger, more carefully selected piece of the ad-tech pie.




5Two per cent of marketers don’t see the online-offline merge

Traditional advertising methods have their strengths, but digital/content marketing is well on the way to providing brands with stronger consumer relationships. So, it only makes sense to bring the old in with the new and let them do what they do best: sell the product and influence consumer behaviour. Steve Olenski identifies for Convince & Convert that there’s only a few people who oppose the old and the new working together – they’re the marketers who just don’t know how to get on board.





6Survive the search engine algorithm storm with these 15 SEO tips

SEO tends to be the last thing our clients think about after deciding they need a content marketing strategy, but with search engines constantly changing, it should be at the crux of any digital marketing project. Jodi Harris, a CMI SEO specialist, provides 15 key points to consider when trying to keep your SEO strong and powerful, should Google algorithms pull a 180 on us in the near future.






7Become a better blogger in just 30 days with Neil Patel

You might be good at writing, but how well do you write for your online audience? Take Neil Patel’s advice on tailoring your blog writing to a society of goldfish who aren’t likely to engage with your content for more than eight seconds.








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