The week in content marketing #115

May 11, 2016Content marketing

The week in content marketing with Lieu Pham

This week, we learn of Facebook’s early rise to media domination and Twitter’s shutdown of government access to mine its data. In the United States, an MIT student tackles the adblocking problem with clever coding while further afield, Pepsi floods the Indian food market with snacks to cater to diverse taste buds.

Elsewhere, brands incentivize people to take selfies in their natural habitats, Uber contemplates its reputation as it grows more mainstream, and Fisher Price shows us how to stay relevant, even at aged 85.

Also in this edition, WhatApp versus Messenger and Spotify steps it up by unveiling 12 music video shows inspired by – yep, you guessed it – music.


12 new reasons why Spotify isn’t just a music-streaming service


With the music-streaming business getting crowded, Spotify has created original video content based on music and pop culture. So if you like VH1 or MTV, Spotify will keep you glued to your seat with these visual gems.









Brands must set the stage – not write the script – to build brand loyalty


Hashtags, emojis and funny videos? 66% of millennials aged 19–32 value their social media interactions just as much as their face-to-face interactions. Brands can foster loyalty by creating shareable content. Who doesn’t like frap-drinking unicorn emojis?









Fisher-Price: How an 85-year-old toy company adopted a futurist vision


Established companies like Fisher-Price often find it hard to innovate. They must find a balance in retaining old brand values while adopting innovative practices. Here are three ways to do it.









Good morning, America… from Facebook


Rise and Shine is Facebook’s first stab at integrating itself into your morning routine. Instead of tuning into your favourite morning news anchor, you can now turn to your phone for lighthearted titbits. It’s your “own personal morning news show – but without the news”.









WhatsApp vs. Facebook Messenger


Value privacy? Need group chat? Or just sending massive amount of pictures to your mum? WhatsApp and Facebook Messengers are the two most popular messaging apps in the world with over 1.9 billion users combined. Uncover the features of each app and see which one works for you.








The key to virus-free ads is a physics student from MIT


Yan Zhu, a physics student from MIT, taught herself how to code then joined Brave Software. The company is currently tinkering with a browser that will feature an ad blocker out-of-the-box. It will reduce the risk of malicious ads by serving only useful ones to consumers.









Will Uber go the way of cable companies or Silicon Valley?


As Uber become a more integrated part of urban transportation, its reputation becomes more important. How consumers feel about Uber is still up in the air. It’s at tipping point where it can choose to be beloved by everyone like Amazon or Apple, or hated but necessary company like Verizon and Comcast.









Twitter doesn’t want the government to spy on your tweets…


Twitter has cut government access to Dataminr, a tool that gathers tweets, trends and serves breaking news.









Pepsi attempting to be a big fish in many Indian ponds


Pepsi India first broke into the Indian snack market 17 years ago by introducing Kurkure, a fusion of American chips with Indian Spices and flavors. It’s been quite successful, however, the Indian palette is diverse “with palate preferences evolving every few hundred kilometers.” Pepsi will have to compete with smaller regional companies to break into new markets.








Brushing your teeth? Take a selfie and get paid for it


A new app called Pay Your Selfie, pays regular people to take selfies while doing routine activities. Brands can now see people using their products in a comfortable setting (As comfortable as you can get taking a selfie with one hand while brushing your teeth with another). It’s a way for CPG companies like P&G to draw new insights they wouldn’t be able to draw from interviews.








Is the tech guy sexier than Don Draper?


Consulting giants—Deloitte, Accenture, and IBM have quietly making its way into digital marketing. Ad agencies often don’t possess the tech savvy these firms have. As the lines between marketing and technology continue to blur, who will the brands choose? Don Draper (ad agencies) or the IT guy (consulting firms)?








Share an aerial view of your backyard with new drone integration on Periscope


Periscope is rolling out new drone integration. They are currently testing pairing with DJI drones similar to the way you connect your iPhone to GoPro. It is also coming out with a new search feature based on the “what else?” functions.










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