The week in content marketing #113

April 27, 2016Uncategorized

The week in content marketing with Lieu Pham

The past week has been an emotional one to say the least, after receiving news of legendary music icon Prince’s passing. Many of us got caught in the social media storm following Beyoncé’s tear-jerking album release, and Dove addressed our insecurities with a #hairshaming awareness campaign.

In other news, Facebook has taken an old-school approach with its latest group-calling service and the adoption of traditional TV ad-buying processes to sell media space. We also look at Google’s attempts to bridge the gap in omni-channel reporting and MasterCard’s stellar strategy for sponsorship events.


7Get 50 of your mates on a call with FB’s latest chat instalment

The main reason we hit up Facebook is to connect with friends and loved ones, so it seems logical that the social network’s next step is to launch group calling capabilities. The latest feature is available to anyone with the latest Messenger update, and can include up to 50 people in a single group call. Could this be FB’s next move to bring down the telcos?






4Twitter responses to Beyoncé’s Lemonade drop are gold

Queen Bey sent us into a whirl of awe, tears and hysterics last week following the release of her new visual album, Lemonade. It’s basically a 60-minute stab at her cheater-husband turned loving family man, with cameos from Serena Williams, Disney star Zendaya and Hunger Games actress Amandla Stenberg. For those like me who’ve been team Bey since the good old Destiny’s Child days, we can’t help but get swept up in her deeply personal film. Here are some of the greatest Twitter reactions to Lemonade, to lift your midweek slump.





1How to improve conversion tracking in the omni-channel era

As the divide between bricks-and-mortar and e-commerce gets smaller, an ‘integrated marketing solution’ has become a bare necessity to reach always-on buyers. But how do you track a conversion that started with a phone call to your CBD store and resulted in an online purchase via mobile? Mona Elesseily from Search Engine Land gives us the latest on closing the online-offline attribution gap and the cool things Google is doing to help reduce the divide.





2Digital tributes to the fall of Prince

Many of us spent last Thursday in mourning last week, as news hit that the real king of pop had passed away. Brands, unsurprisingly, did what they usually do and jumped at the opportunity to be part of the heartfelt conversations. No one held back in their responses. The walls of the web were covered in purple-draped homages, and ‘Raspberry Beret’ lyrics were tweeted far and wide. Here are some of the responses that helped brands and musicians get through #thisthingcalledlife after losing such an integral part of the modern era. 





5Facebook uses traditional ad-buying process to optimise video adverts

In an attempt to ease the planning process of social ad-buying, Facebook has adopted similar features to the traditional television ad-buying process. This ad-buying format enables brands to match the target market they’re reaching on FB to the audiences they’re trying to reach on TV. Advertisers can now also buy daytime slots on FB, which will help brands reach users at times that will be most valuable. 






6Dove addresses ‘hair shaming’ in empowering new campaign

Ever feel like you want to change up your hair just for a bit of fun, but instantly dismiss the idea with the fear of being judged? Dove gets it. I’m sure you’re aware of the typical Dove campaign protocol. Every element of their advertising encompasses the highly emotive topics of body image and self-esteem. The company’s latest focus is on hair, because believe it or not, ‘hair shaming’ is a real thing. The #LoveYourHair campaign features six women getting real about the pressure to style their hair based on societal perceptions. Watch the video on Advertising Age.





8Growth strategy lessons from Squarespace

Squarespace is a $100 million web publishing company that provides e-commerce and hosting services with design and analytics support for a no fuss, all-in-one web development experience. The platform’s founder, Anthony Casalena, shares his story on starting out with a loan from his father in 2003 and building up the brand to play alongside giants like GoDaddy and WordPress.





3Be inspired by MasterCard’s unforgettable event strategy

See how experiential brand leader MasterCard leveraged the Arnold Palmer golf tournament for a complete hole-in-one experience. The sponsorship team enabled the entire event with contactless payments, ordering apps and virtual reality to ensure a truly unforgettable day. If you’ve got a partnership/sponsorship event coming up, get some inspiration from the payment service provider on how to produce a 10/10 event strategy.











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