The week in content marketing #109

March 30, 2016Uncategorized

The week in content marketing with strategist Lieu Pham

This week, we look at the latest news on the Google AdWords redesign, uncover Facebook’s royal Safety Check stuff-up, and learn about AHAlife’s plans to use Net-A-Porter’s experience to become a design shopping mecca.

Also in this edition, Entrepreneur provides a three-point content strategy for unsexy industries, and the CMI calls upon the help of Aristotle to write an unbreakable opinion piece. 


7Great content marketing for industries drier than toast

Content marketing seems so easy for those who work in the fashion, lifestyle or beauty industries. But what if your business is in something considerably less sexy, like shipping? Content-marketing guru Salma Jafri addresses two major questions every company needs to answer before executing a stellar three-point strategy that can be applied to any industry, no matter how dry.





6How much would you pay to be messaged by your favourite celeb?

A new iOS app, TipTalk, allows fans to pay celebs for a private text, photo or video response, with each celebrity able to set their own prices. TipTalk is yet to attract any A-listers or household names, but with the app providing both monetary incentives for the influencers and a unique and personalised experience for the fans, that could soon change. The app could also help out mid-tier musicians, social media stars and Instagram royalty who would otherwise struggle to monetise their popularity.





9An age-old lesson in persuasion

Content marketing examples trace back to 4200BC, and the writing principles for expressing opinions have also been around for hundreds of years. Aristotle’s three-word strategy for crafting the most compelling arguments involves ethos, pathos and logos – credibility, emotion and logic – which can be applied to anything from writing an opinion piece to creating great marketing content. This article shows how improving your company’s credibility and tugging on those emotions can give your brand the upper hand. 





4Google AdWords faces major redesign for better user interface

AdWords will finally be optimised for multi-screen and multi-interface use more than 15 years after it was created. While the system was originally designed for desktop Google searches, AdWords product management director Paul Feng admits more people are now using Google from their smartphones. The redesign will focus more on campaign objectives, and will allow marketers to see how much traffic comes from mobile and which ads are the most effective.




11Facebook’s Safety Check sent to the wrong countries after Pakistan bombing

Facebook’s Safety Check is a great tool for checking the safety status of friends and family in a crisis-affected area, but its recent activation sent scores of people into panic mode. Facebook claimed that a bug affected the software, which led to a message being sent to users in the US, UK and other countries after the bombing in Lahore, Pakistan. The check can also be sent via text message, which may have caused more damage since the text version does not specify the location of the event.





1Effective content without the flounces and flourishes

Each day, the world is bombarded with messages, information and offers, so the only true way to cut through the noise is with minimalistic content. Your audience doesn’t have time to sift through fancy words and flowery sentences to find the information they require. Read on to find 36 easy ways to clean up your content and add value for your end customer.






8Retail king to transform first global design web store

Christopher Colfer, the man behind Net-A-Porter’s billion-dollar growth, has been appointed to the AHAlife board to advise on growth and strategy. The company wants to become a digital, design version of luxury department store giant Neiman Marcus. Currently, AHAlife virtually lists over 4000 designers from more than 45 countries, and wants to increase this with the development of its online presence. The “curated destination” sells homewares, fashion accessories, cosmetics and gadgets to more than 737,000 active customers.





3Virtual reality is now a reality

Oculus Rift recently launched, with the first wave of production set to be delivered soon to early Kickstarter supporters. Society’s readiness for virtual reality will be put to the test as the headset becomes the first of three VR devices to be publicly launched. Next in line are the HTC Vive and PlayStation VR, which are both expected to arrive later this year.






2Travel websites battle private incentives from hotel chains

Travel websites have grown in popularity due to their comparison features and budget-friendly assortment of hotels, but their presence has caused complete disloyalty to hotel chains. To counter this, hotel chains offer loyal customers or hotel members extra incentives like free Wi-Fi, lower rates and room selection when they book with the hotel directly and not through a third party. Private offerings like this exclude hotels from ‘rate parity’ laws that previously prevented chains from undercutting third-party agents. 





10Are topics more important than keywords?

After Google’s Hummingbird algorithm update in 2013, SEO marketers shifted their focus to topics rather than keywords because the search engine’s ability to comprehend natural language increased. Click through to see a quantitative analysis of whether topics are more important than keywords, and whether keywords still serve any function for marketers.









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