The week in content marketing #106

March 9, 2016Uncategorized

The week in content marketing with strategist Lieu Pham

This week, the New York Times reflects on the growing cohort of young political journalists hot on the campaign trail of the US presidential race, shaping debate via social and online media.

Elsewhere, McDonald’s toys with virtual reality, Tinder lets us share our potential matches with friends, and a new player unveils the B2B answer to TripAdvisor. We also learn more about account-based marketing, check out the brands that are winning on Snapchat, and get a quick lesson in audience research from Moz.


6Account-based marketing 101

Spending all your time and money on single-lead generation that’s getting you nowhere? There’s a new lead generation approach that’s taken the marketing industry by storm – account-based marketing. Check out this infographic to see what impact ABM can have on the success of your company.






2Tinder shares the (potential) love

Love playing matchmaker with your friends? A recent announcement from social and dating app Tinder reveals that profiles may now be shared to users’ friends for swiping. Links sent via text will expire after five clicks or 72 hours, and the feature can be optioned out in each user’s discovery settings.






8Personal and corporate brands that are winning on Snapchat

Ever thought of taking your brand’s marketing strategy onto Snapchat? With more than 200 million users, the social media app is becoming more than just a platform for shameless selfies, humblebrags and #foodporn. Here are five personal and five corporate brands that are using the time-sensitive social app to boost their brand.






7Millennial reporters leading the way for 2016 political campaigns

Twenty-something journalists and reporters are stealing the spotlight in the 2016 US presidential campaigns, reporting for leading newspapers and publications like The Washington Post, Time, Politico and BuzzFeed. While age is a small hurdle for these millennials, they’re the best equipped to deal with the growing demands of audiences, dictated by the explosion of social media and the internet. Here are five millennials trailing hot on the heels of the political campaigns. 





4A new platform will rank B2B businesses based on user reviews

Not sure where to stay on your holiday? TripAdvisor. Not sure where to eat? TripAdvisor. Not sure who can design your new website? CrowdReviews. The new user and client-review based website will rank B2B businesses based purely on their reviews, providing potential clients and customers with market-approved ratings and the opportunity to add their own review of the company. 






3Virtual reality is now inside Happy Meals

A pilot program in Sweden is testing a new McDonald’s strategy that’s hoping to reach the generation of children who are growing up with technology. The product offering gives customers the chance to fold their own virtual reality Happy Goggles out of the Happy Meal box, providing a unique digital experience in addition to the toys usually offered. Take a look at these boxes and tell us you’re not intrigued.





5Five steps to effective target marketing

So you’ve identified your target market, but how do you start marketing to them? Knowledge is power in this case, but only if you know what to do with it. Check out this short video about how to reach your target market more effectively by finding out which websites they visit.






1Does your LinkedIn profile make you money?

A platform for liked-minded individuals to connect and network, LinkedIn presents the opportunity for users to grow their business or personal brand, and not just in the awareness sense. Knowing your brand and providing value to your connections is key to increasing your influence and profile. Daniel Ally, a self-made millionaire and business expert, shares five tips on how to make the most (literally) out of your LinkedIn profile.







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