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March 2, 2016Uncategorized

The week in content marketing with Lieu Pham

This week, Sony has come up with the solution to your multi-remote controlled life, the New York Times answers our questions about the odd “Damn, Daniel” viral video, and Fast Company explains the power of loss aversion in marketing messages. Meanwhile, Facebook has launched the advertiser’s ultimate dream platform and Mashable provides the past, present and future for Apple’s PR tactics amid the company’s altercation with the FBI. In other news, CEO Mark Newman shuns the act of goal setting, and CMI’s Joe Pulizzi reaches out to B2B manufacturers who are still struggling with effective content marketing.


1Loss can be a winning strategy

Motivated by the complicated environments we interact in each day, the human brain has engineered methods for making quick decisions. One of these is called loss aversion. Loss aversion describes how we don’t like losing things we already have, so much so that we often make irrational decisions to avoid the loss. Brands of all shapes and sizes have utilised the psychological phenomenon to drive spur of the moment decisions and impulse purchases. Have a read of Bob Nease’s analysis of the scientific findings around the trigger, and the marketing lessons that businesses can inject into their strategies to drive urgency.




2Canvas, the instant articles for ads that you may actually enjoy

As of this week, Facebook’s latest mobile ad-creation platform, Canvas, will be available to all advertisers. When users click on ads connected to Canvas, the ads will appear in a media-rich, full-screen page within the social network’s platform. Canvas enables animations, carousels, catalogues and videos to be viewed in a quicker and clearer manner, at no additional cost. TechCrunch gives the low-down on the latest advertising platform, along with a demonstration from fast-food outlet Wendy’s. 





3B2B manufacturers falling on hard times with content marketing

In light of their latest research, the Content Marketing Institute has released numbers suggesting that B2B manufacturers are still finding it difficult to execute effective content marketing. CMI’s Joe Pulizzi reaches out to B2Bers with a few questions to get to the bottom of the issue, and he provides some interesting advice and opportunities to help bridge the gap.






4Releasing a couple of reports won’t save you this time, Apple

Apple has yet again found itself in hot water in another privacy battle, but this time it’s up against the FBI. Back in late 2015, the tech giant refused an FBI court order to unlock the iPhone 5c belonging to one of the gunmen behind last year’s mass shooting in San Bernardino, California. Mashable’s Seth Fiegerman reflects on Apple’s history of strong PR tactics, and the legal and moral consequences of the company’s potential obstruction of public safety.






5“Damn, Daniel” video brings corporate and social together

Why the hell is the internet losing it over the “Daaaamn, Daniel” video? For the past week, the 30-second video has been doing the rounds. It captures a guy called Josh filming his friend Daniel rocking different outfits, paying special attention to his white Vans (instant win for Vans). The New York Times answers all the questions we have about the “Damn, Daniel” craze, the brands capitalising on the meme, and what the two overnight sensations are doing to extend their 15 minutes of fame.





6Forget about setting goals, move the finish line instead

Our society is obsessed with goal setting but, despite its popularity, evidence suggests the setting of goals neglects non-goal areas, distorts risk preferences and reduces intrinsic motivation. Mark Newman from HireVue explains four reasons why moving the finish line can help you to stay successful. 






7Billboards will track your views and your next moves

A US outdoor-billboard company will soon be able to provide clients with in-depth information about consumers who view their space, from the gender and average age to where people go next. While the data is said to be anonymous, it’s sure to ruffle a few feathers amidst the current privacy and mobile-tracking debate. As creepy as it may be, the insights will provide more effective measures for outdoor ads in fostering brand awareness and driving conversions.







8Sick of multiple controls? Sony has a device for your entire life

There are so many remote controls in our lives, but how many buttons do we actually use? Sony thinks it has solved the problem of fumbling around with complicated devices, with the release of the company’s ‘HUIS’ remote. Using electronic paper instead of buttons, the e-ink remote enables users to choose the buttons they need on the home screen and provides state-of-the-art navigation using gestures and swipes. Check out the device on Fast Company Design.








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