The week in content marketing #103

February 17, 2016Uncategorized

The week in content marketing with strategist Lieu Pham

This week Dr. Dre takes collab up a notch with an Apple TV show, Mashable profiles YouTube sensation Michelle Phan, and emojis make Quartz’s messaging app that much cooler. Meanwhile, TechCrunch predicts the future of Snapchat, Facebook captions its videos and Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) system gets the green light from the US road authority. Elsewhere, New York magazine gets nostalgic and sports brand Brooks taps into the zombie zeitgeist by campaigning for us to ‘run for our lives’!


14Apple to produce its own TV show with Dr. Dre

With more consumers signing up to video streaming services like Netflix and Amazon, Apple is feeling the pressure to develop its own original content to attract customers. The company will be creating an Apple-TV-only show with Apple executive and co-founder of Beats Music Dr. Dre, who produced his own film in 2015. 






2New York magazine takes readers back in time

Last weekend, New York magazine treated readers to a flashback in a marketing stint to promote HBO’s new 1970s show Vinyl. All articles were original works from the magazine’s 1973 archives and included pieces on the president of Atlantic Records, fashion trends and the New York drug war. 






11Six seconds is enough to engage your audience

Attention spans are getting. Shorter. A recent study shows that consumers show higher engagement levels with shorter videos – around six seconds – than longer videos of 15–20 seconds. But if companies are wanting their audiences to click-through to a link or page, long-form videos of about 15 seconds take the gold.






8AI and phantoms in Google’s algorithm update

While the search engine giant has been refining its algorithm systems over the past years, 2015 saw Google enlisting the help of AI to help it sort through low-quality sites to find the most relevant results for any search query. Not all updates have been or will be confirmed by Google, which seems intent on keeping its algorithm recipe a secret.






4Zombies run faster in Brooks’s shoes

Brooks’s new ad “The Rundead” could roughly be translated to “Run for your life. Literally.” The ad illustrates the power of running, with zombies transforming from their dead state to a clearer, more human state as they continue to run. And hey, if zombies feel more alive after running, imagine what it could do for the rest of us?






1Pizza is the new black as Red Baron celebrates 40 years

Maker of frozen pizza and Schwan Food brand Red Baron has started a 40-week ad campaign with a series of ads that will depict the timelessness of its pizza, from the 1970s to present day, in an effort to grow market share. The campaign doesn’t come cheap, with parent company Schwan Food increasing its marketing budget to 40 per cent – a massive jump from its modest six per cent in 2013. 






16Facebook videos will be captioned to avoid users being yelled at

Video ads played automatically will soon be silent with captions to avoid users’ negative reactions to unexpected sounds erupting from their phones. This new quiet leaves more room for advertisers’ creativity and less room for awkward situations.







15She built her YouTube channel, then she built an empire

Michelle Phan is known to many as a beauty guru and make-up mogul, but her rise to fame hasn’t been easy. From broadcasting her make-up tutorials on YouTube to buying her beauty brand from one of the biggest beauty corporations in the world after it failed to take off, Phan is proof that reinvention is key to survival and growth.






12Emojis can get lost in translation too

Apple, Android, Samsung, Windows. Whichever phone you use, texts are the same, but emojis differ. Sometimes a little and sometimes a lot. Check out this video to see whether the emoji you just sent your boss turned out the way you thought it did. Fingers crossed!






13News from around the world, now available in messaging app with emojis

Following social trends of push notifications and a reliance on messaging apps, Quartz has released a new app that messages users with news links from around the world. Messages are thoughtfully written by a team of editors who are trying to make material as friendly as possible, in tone and in consumption time.






3TV audio now available for countries with slow internet speeds

The Qatar-backed media organisation Al Jazeera is assisting countries with low bandwidth to access news – something they haven’t been able to do with their developing infrastructure. While live video is still unable to work in slow internet environments, the media company has devised an app to stream live audio from its Arabic and English channels.






9YouTube set to become a better advocate for artists with BandPage acquisition

Streaming platforms are struggling to stay afloat in an industry where users are demanding more access to artists’ music for less money. While YouTube has been responsible for the distribution and mass growth of fan bases for many artists, the revenue it brings them is significantly lower than the attention it garners. Hopefully with this acquisition, YouTube will be able to increase its value in the music industry. 






10Pepsi and Coca-Cola’s bottled water beats its own soda sales

Nowadays, consumers are more concerned with their health and many have made the switch from sugar-ridden carbonated drinks to the natural, pristine alternative of bottled water. You’d think this would have a negative effect on soda companies, but it doesn’t – because both beverages are produced by the same company. So the next time you buy a bottle of water because you think it’s the healthiest option on the shelf, it probably wasn’t you who thought that it in the first place. 






7Predicting the future of Snapchat…

With 7 billion daily views of photos, stories and videos on Snapchat, there’s huge potential for this video-sharing platform to become society’s app of choice in the future. Here are some suggestions for the creators of Snapchat.







4Like attracts like in AT&T’s latest campaign project, Hello Lab

Telecommunication providers AT&T and Verizon are fighting for the attention and business of young audiences, and what better way to attract them than with social influencers of the same age? The project aims to enlist 10 brand ambassadors who will create content using their mobile devices for multiple social platforms in the form of videos and social challenges among others.






9Google has cars and they drive themselves

What once seemed so far-fetched is now within reach. Google’s AI system has been recognised as the driver of its own Google car by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It’s the first step to creating legal driverless cars.







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