The week in content marketing #102

February 10, 2016Uncategorized

The week in content marketing with strategist Lieu Pham

It’s all about the Super Bowl this week as we check out the best ads, learn how brands are using social media to make the most of the mega-event, and find out why the pundits won’t be recommending a war-room approach to social media (despite Oreo’s success with its Dunking in the Dark campaign in the Super Bowl blackout of 2013). Elsewhere, Instagram unveils its new 60-second video spots, Twitter refutes claims that it’s altering its algorithm, and we discover why podcasting is set to be the next big thing in content marketing. 


super bowlThe top 50 Super Bowl ads of 2016

The biggest game of the year saw brands pay $170,000 per second to air their commercials. Here’s a list of 50 Super Bowl ads that captured our attention and (probably) the lion’s share of the brands’ marketing budget.






3Twitter to be the biggest player at the Super Bowl

Prior to the big game, Twitter was preparing for its biggest Super Bowl yet, expecting more than 29 million tweets. A director on the brand strategy team reveals Twitter’s newest tools and tactics, including conversational video ads and custom emojis, and gives some best-practice tips on how to make the most of a massive social media event.






5DIY visual marketing campaigns for all!

Need visual marketing but can’t afford a designer? Hubspot and Canva have partnered up to offer more than 195 visual marketing design templates – from infographics to LinkedIn cover photos – customisable to any industry or business. Best of all, they’re free! 







2E-newsletters: The next great strategy for targeting teenage girls

The email newsletter space is filling up fast. Following in the footsteps of theSkimm and Lenny Letter, two former Nylon and Teen Vogue editors have created Clover, an e-newsletter that aims to provide teenage girls with meaningful and positive content, uncluttered by superficial stories that bombard teenagers every other day.






11Why podcasting matters

Previously underutilised as a content marketing strategy, podcasting is growing in popularity as businesses realise the format’s strengths. With the market yet to reach its full potential, now is the perfect time for your business to start using podcasts in your content strategy.







13Twitter timeline to remain live despite talk of it turning algorithmic

Twitter fans erupted with indignation when it appeared the social media giant would move to an algorithmic timeline instead of a real-time feed. CEO Jack Dorsey attempted to hose down the flames of fury.







4Instagram introduces 60-second video ads

Brands will be able to showcase more of their creative genius as Instagram doubles the length of video spots for ads from 30 seconds to 60 seconds. 







1Gen Y shopping habits not so far from Baby Boomers

A recent retail study uncovered that while Generations Y and Z are often stuck together in attitudinal research, there are key differences in Gen Y’s instore and online shopping behaviours that sometimes place them closer to Baby Boomers.






6Web design 2.0 – trends to follow and keep

While web design can be a fickle beast, here are six trends with the staying power to outlast all the template transformations to come. From artificial intelligence to richer animations, there’s something on the list for every website owner to adopt.






8Hershey tugs happy heartstrings

Hershey is finally moving its focus from individual product promotion to brand-wide storytelling. Its aim? To build consumer relevance and create a deeper connection with its customers. The chocolate brand’s approach is similar to Coca-Cola’s ‘Taste the Feeling’ strategy that was unveiled last month.







12Real-time marketing war coming to an end

Once the pinnacle of marketing innovation, the social media war room is now approaching its dying days. The experts tell us why, and what to expect next.








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