The week in content marketing #101

February 3, 2016Uncategorized

The week in content marketing with strategist Lieu Pham

This week we can broadcast our podcasts into the Twittersphere with new app ZCast. In tech-giant land, Facebook allows us to explore a whole spectrum of emotions with Reactions, Alphabet is set to overthrow Apple, and Amazon works on its comedy routine to gain new listeners. 


10ZCast app enables instant podcast broadcasting

Podcasts are known for their portable and convenient consumption, but they weren’t always accessible to everyday social media users and their followers… until now. A new app called ZCast enables individuals to broadcast live to their Twitter followers at the click of a button. Users are able to listen, join in or post comments to a related chat room, and can even bookmark and save their favourite podcasts. 






6Amazon goes for Audible laughs

Your favourite comedians and radio hosts may now be found on Amazon’s Audible – an audio book company. Moving beyond its ‘books and television’ business into the realm of podcasts, Amazon is seeking to expand its subscription pool by offering new and existing members exciting new programs, exclusive to Audible.






5 Facebook gets emotional about ‘likes’ – wow, yay!

Ever had the dilemma of wondering whether or not you should click the ‘like’ button on a friend’s breakup post, or a devastating story about a natural disaster, even though you’re really just showing your support? Facebook’s new Reactions ­– angry, sad, wow, haha, yay and love – will allow users to more accurately show their human emotions.






8 Facebook bans gun sales

Seems archaic, but until now Facebook surprisingly didn’t prohibit the sale of firearms. However, the social network company recently updated its user policy to ban the private, peer-to-peer sale of guns. Previously Facebook was a place where gun sales could be negotiated without background checks. The company has changed its policy after learning that individual gun sellers intend to turn to Facebook as a firearms marketplace when gun laws tighten in the US.





1 Alphabet is on the verge of overthrowing Apple

The world’s most valuable company may soon be dethroned. Since reporting slowing revenue growth in the holiday period, Apple’s stock has declined three per cent, resulting in a measly $13 billion gap between Apple and Alphabet, Google’s new parent company. If the latter’s stock continues to increase, with strong earnings they could close that gap in a single day.






 What Twitter bot reveals about Trump

Turns out that Donald Trump is everything we thought he would be. Aggressive and blunt on the podium, and even more so on social media… now it’s even easier to keep up with his antics. Trump is promoting his supporters – no matter how unsavory – all over Twitter. A new bot, Trump Retweeps, then quotes the bio of anyone that Trump retweets, with interesting results. 






11 An online marketplace for peddling your marketing wares

­MarketingZoom is new networking platform where users can advertise their need for marketing solutions, or promote their marketing solutions to other users. Operating in a similar way to LinkedIn, users create a profile as a company, agency or opportunity. MarketingZoom allows users to message each other with enquiries or proposals that have been filtered according to the needs of each user.





BLOG 2.0 Social media lessons from the World Economic Forum

With the increasing presence of almost every imaginable business on social media, the success of a company’s social media efforts is dependent on the quality of their strategy. Adam Snyder, the chief digital officer at a marcom agency, speaks about four key elements that distinguish a smart strategy from a fruitless one.





2 Are you totally committed to digital transformation?

It’s widely known that the future lies in digital – in marketing, commerce, communication and innovation, but, while known, this fact isn’t being wholly accepted or understood by management. Transforming into a digitally driven organisation is now seen as a continual process that needs to be tweaked and adjusted every step of the way. 






7 How social can help you stay sober

Who knew that selfies would be so helpful for those on the road to sobriety?! The hashtag revolution has reached a new high (no pun intended) with sobriety-related tags bringing together individuals publicly declaring their effort to kick their drinking habits to the kerb. Everything from daily updates to recovery and before-and-after pics are being tagged with the #soberlife tag, which now turns up more than 236,000 posts on Instagram.





9 How to create an engaging ‘About Us’ page

Storytelling is more than child’s play, it’s a chance to connect with your customers on a personable and emotional level. One of the best places to start? Your ‘About Us’ page. Sharing your brand story will help readers to see your company as more than just a money maker, and will raise the perceived value of your offering.






3 Alec Baldwin, Dan Marino and the (Super) Echo

The Super Bowl is almost upon us and that can only mean one thing… it’s super ad season! To celebrate the 50th year of the world’s most spectacular sport, Alec Baldwin and Dan Marino are planning a Super Bowl party with the help of Amazon’s newest Echo speaker, which is powered by Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa. Looks like product placement is moving out of the shadows and into the main arena!






Founder & Editor: Lieu Pham
Associate Editor: Jasmin Chia
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Sub-Editor: Suzannah Pearce


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