The week in content marketing #100

January 27, 2016Uncategorized

The week in content marketing with strategist Lieu Pham

Welcome to our 100th issue of the Week in Content Marketing!

This week Nielsen finally addresses its lack of social clout, an app arrives to enable DIY short-film storytelling and the City of Brussels connect locals with tourists in its #callbrussels campaign. In brand land, GM launches its Maven car-sharing service, Nivea makes a human touch with nanotechnology and Coca-Cola sets a new vision for the future. 


7Nielsen to use Facebook and Twitter in new ratings system

Better late than never. Nielsen is finally working social into its measuring mix. The move is in response to criticism that it has not involved its services to meet digital transformation. Working with Facebook and Twitter, Nielsen will introduce ‘Social Content Ratings’, a metric to include TV-related chatter on Twitter and conversations on Facebook in its measuring system.






2Sex and the Super Bowl don’t always mix

An ad-tracking firm has revealed some surprising insights from analysing six years’ worth of Super Bowl ads, namely that sex does sell, generally speaking, but not always on the big stage. The investigation also showed celebrities have a polarising effect so their inclusion in ads can be risky, and that there is an increasing trend towards producing emotional and inspirational ads.






4Coca-Cola is unifying its brand line

In an attempt to strengthen its brand, Coca-Cola has recently launched ‘Taste the Feeling’. The global campaign will unite Coke’s product variations, from classic to Zero, under one visual motif. The company describes the new visual storytelling approach as “Norman Rockwell meets Instagram”.






6The Jinx filmmaker launches a storytelling app

With the rise of video, there’s bound to be a proliferation of video-friendly apps. Andrew Jarecki, the director of the murder docu-series The Jinx, has just launched storytelling app KnowMe. The app allows users to combine videos, photos, voice-overs and music to produce three-minute videos. The production values are described as somewhere between Snapchat and Final Cut Pro quality, which means everybody can be a videographer in a few easy steps. 





5GM gets ahead of the disruption game

Carmaker General Motors is embracing the car-sharing trend. The new city-based car-sharing service called ‘Maven’ is GM’s response to car-sharing players, such as Zipcar, ride-sharing companies, such as Uber, and other providers of the two growing services that are eating into the automaker’s profit share. Maven is currently available in Michigan and New York. 






3Locals talk to visiting tourists via public phones

When tourist numbers drop, many cities are coming up with creative solutions to generate new interest. One notable campaign was the Google-inspired cat’s eye view ‘purrspective’ by the city of Hiroshima. The Paris attacks impacted on tourism in Belgium, so this month the city of Brussels installed phones and webcams around town that connect visitors with locals in the #callbrussels campaign. 






1Nivea makes a human connection with nanotechnology


Nivea’s latest virtual-reality project, ‘Second Skin’, allows people living oceans, towns and cities apart to connect beyond the digital level. Using nanotechnology, Nivea shows how it has created a virtual ‘human touch’ by combining electrical impulses, heat, movement and pressure. Check out the incredible video from Digital Buzz Blog.






Founder & Editor: Lieu Pham
Associate Editor: Julia Mulcahy
Design: Lilli Hagan
Sub-Editor: Suzannah Pearce

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