The week in content marketing

July 23, 2012Uncategorized

26 tips on this… 10 tactics on that… and 8 ideas for this – but it’s all relative!

1) Hanging out with Julia Gillard on Google+
Over 20,000 people tuned in to Julia Gillard’s Google+ Hangout. It’s getting more and more apparent that social media has become a critical communication tool for politicians and the public.

2) Storytelling, content marketing and brands
Everyone loves a good story, no matter what format it comes in. Could storytelling be the first form of content marketing?

3) 26 tips for managing a social media community
We always love a good A – Z guide! In this post you’ll find 26 tips on ways to manage your company’s presence online.

4) 10 tactics for integrating photographs into content marketing
Recent research shows photographs are the engine driving social media activity. Images are content marketing’s magnetic force since they’re driving social media across platforms. Have you included a tailored image strategy within your content marketing plans?

5) 8 ideas for feeding your content beast
Us content marketers are familiar with the content beast. It’s always hungry for blog posts, podcasts, tweets, eBooks, press releases, videos – it eats everything. And as soon as you feed it, it becomes hungry again!