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June 10, 2015Uncategorized

The week in content marketing with strategist Lieu Pham

This week, IoT platform Evrything demonstrates how it can help provide valuable data to marketers, CMOs explain their workarounds for silence in video, and a ‘digital’ supermarket concept taps into consumers’ interest in knowing the origins of produce. Meanwhile, Apple launches a music subscription service that diverges from the standard model, and a new app works with the fight-or-flight response to alter mood.

Also in this edition, Entrepreneur gives us its very best applications for improving productivity, and Phil Barker, formerly of News Magazines, offers 10 tips for winning over your clients.

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8The Internet of Things allows bottles to be turned into owned digital media

IoT platform Evrythng is changing the tech game by leveraging the opportunities provided by the Internet of Things. Diageo has used the platform to transform bottles of Johnnie Walker into personalised gift options using QR codes and video, gaining valuable information on who is buying its products.

6CNN debuts new studio to create sponsored content for marketers

CNN has unveiled an in-house branded content agency, Courageous, which will help marketers give their advertisements an editorial feel. Content is clearly labelled as sponsored and is created exclusively by the staff – made up of journalists, editors, producers and videographers – at Courageous.

BLOGHow CMOs adjust to the silence of video marketing

In a digital auto-play environment where sound does not always exist as a theatrical element, companies must develop alternative strategies. Marketing managers from Ben & Jerry’s, Heineken USA and SapientNitro share their thoughts on combating the absence of sound in ads and creating strategies based solely around the visual aspect of video marketing.

3The Future Food District knows exactly where your food comes from

In an attempt to explore the power of digital information and its capability to alter consumer buying behaviour, designer Carlo Ratti has partnered with Italian supermarket chain COOP Italia to present the Future Food District. Shoppers can interact with, and buy, over 1500 individual items, each displaying information about the food’s origins, ingredients and manufacture.

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7What you need to know about Apple Music

The common wisdom is that subscription music services are all essentially the same, selling the same music under the ‘anytime, anywhere’ proposition in exchange for a small monthly payment. Now, Apple has unveiled its newest streaming service into the crowded subscription-based market, which works on a much different premise. Garett Sloane from Adweek tells us all there is to know about the all-in-one app.

4Jott allows you to message without Wi-Fi or data

Instant application Jott is a messaging platform that doesn’t require a Wi-Fi connection or a data plan, so it’s no wonder teens are flocking to the app, with 15,000 to 20,000 of them downloading it each day.

11Google’s cardboard devices will make virtual reality affordable for all

According to Google, the future of virtual reality is likely to revolve around cardboard/Cardboard. Google announced that the organisation’s VR headsets will take the form of a simple cardboard structure, highlighting the affordability of the products and how ready we are for virtual reality to become mainstream.

1Feeling down? Thync can help.

Coffee is about to get a run for its money with a new piece of mood-altering wearable tech. The Thync smartphone-controlled headset produces a calming effect comparable to your feelings after a glass of wine or the energised feeling from a cup of coffee. Using small electric pulses to stimulate the skin on your temple, the device activates the fight-or-flight response to indirectly affect emotional response.

Tips & Tactics

520 of the best apps to maximise productivity [Infographic]

Feel like there are never enough hours in the day? Join the club. Entrepreneur has come up with 20 apps to keep you away from cute videos of cats playing the piano and hours of mindless Instagram scrolling.


9How to be a content crusher

Creating high-quality content is hard, but staying on top of it all 24/7 is even harder. Peter Sena from the Content Marketing Institute provides 11 of the key marketing concepts that are here to stay, and which are vital to be aware of in this fast-paced environment.

210 ways to win new clients – and keep them, too

Former managing director of News Magazines, Phil Barker, shares his dos and don’ts of client relations, emphasising the importance of using each job to capture your next.


109 ways to get more traffic from guest blogging

So many benefits arise from guest blogging. It helps you get in front of a larger audience, builds credibility and increases traffic. It’s one of the many ways that brands can make a name for themselves in their industry and it builds a loyal community of followers. Here are nine tips for getting the most value from guest blogging.

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