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April 10, 2015Uncategorized

The week in content marketing with King Content strategist Lieu Pham

This week we keep up with the Kardashians’ new content exploits, are encouraged to be good digital citizens on Instagram, and find out the cost of some of TV’s biggest buys. Elsewhere, Google is reprimanded for misleading kids and Tinder launches its first native ad (swipe right for beer). Also in this edition, we pull together a mixed bag of tips and tricks from Ragan, Buffer, CMI, Social Examiner and Contently.

Content Marketing & Media

 4What Kim Kardashian can teach you about building a long-term audience

Whatever opinion you have of Kim, you can’t deny her ability to master the social arts. In February, the Kardashians decided to take control over their content by creating their own hubs – essentially owned media sites. As Kim says, “This isn’t about doing another website. It’s about creating a digital destination”. Kimmy is following in the footsteps of many progressive brands, which for some time have been transforming themselves into bona fide publishers.

5Is interactive content in your future?

Content is being created daily by publishers and brands alike. And with more content comes more competition. How can content producers differentiate themselves in the oversaturated content market? Arnie Kuenn says it’s all about interactive content – content that gets the audience involved on a deeper level, either through encouraging them to take action or allowing for the provision of more data for dynamic personalisation. Quizzes, calculators and interactive infographics are three examples of this rising trend.


What it costs: Ad prices from TV’s biggest buys to the smallest screens

Ad Age has published the costs of a range of ad formats; It costs US$750,000 for a Snapchat branded story ad and US$50,000 for a full-colour ad on the front cover of The New York Times, while US$20 is the cost of a thousand impressions for a sponsored photo on Instagram.


1Tinder launches its first-ever video ad to promote Bud Light’s fake party town

The first native ad on Tinder focuses on Bud Light beer. In the US, users can swipe right to enter a competition to win a beer-inspired weekend.


Social & Tech

10Which brands are taking advantage of Instagram?

EMarketer predicts that by 2018, the number of Instagram users will surpass 100 million, and that this year its user numbers will rise by 21 per cent, to 77.6 million users. Find out which brands are taking advantage of this platform.


7Be a good digital citizen on Instagram #createorcredit

Credit where credit’s due is the catchcry of ex-IP lawyer, now stylist Catherine Wilson, who wants us to be good digital citizens by crediting the right person/group. Copyright in the digital space is tricky terrain, but she says some simple actions could keep you out of legal hot water.

9YouTubers’ samurai dramas

YouTube is helping content creators produce Japanese period dramas, otherwise known as jidaigeki. In a great brand play, YouTube has paired major Japanese film and TV legends with aspiring video producers. The Verge reports that Japanese production and distribution house Toei will provide resources for YouTube creators, whose work will include tutorials for sword-fighting, styling and special effects.


6Google accused of using ‘unfair and deceptive’ ads on YouTube Kids

Watchdog groups have accused Google of deceptive marketing practices. The line between advertising and programming for kids is being questioned, with the accusers complaining that kids can’t tell the difference between the two. 


Tips, Tools & Tactics

8How to hire freelancers who make your content better
You’ve got your content strategy, but how do you actually start creating content? Scaling up to produce content is a big issue for many businesses and brands. For whatever reason, you may need to look externally for resources. Freelancers are a great talent pool to have on hand, but how do you find, hire and work with the freelancers who will bring your strategy to life?


38 budget-friendly content curation tools

More and more brands are looking to complement their custom content with curated content. There are several tools and services that can help you source good quality third-party content. In this PR-focused blog post, Ragan profiles some of these players and their service offerings.


127 things marketers should know about working with journalists

Very few marketers understand that journalism and copywriting are two very distinct professions, with some crossover. Contently gives us a run-down of what you need to know when you’re hiring a journalist to write your branded content.


29 ways to humanise your brand with social media

If you’re looking to strengthen your relationship with your customers, you’ll need to show them a more human side to your business, especially on social media. Social Examiner shows us how we can put a face to a name.


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