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May 1, 2015Uncategorized

The week in content marketing with King Content strategist Lieu Pham

This week we witness a game-changer in the fashion e-commerce world with an announcement from Condé Nast, and hear about how Stella Artois is making city workers thirsty using geo targeting strategies. In other news, Durex has collaborated with 23-year-old vlogger Hannah Witton, Facebook enters the video-calling game and Google may soon be able to diagnose your medical conditions. Also in this edition, we shed some light on the buying-persona development process and look at how to futureproof your social media marketing strategy.

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1Condé Nast goes shopping, turns into e-commerce site

Condé Nast has announced that will transition into an online shopping platform later this year. The new e-comm business will take over and is set to initially feature a mix of 100 to 200 luxury fashion, beauty, tech, artwork and gifting brands. Condé plans to invest over $100 million in the makeover, in the hope of becoming an international luxury lifestyle-shopping destination. The e-comm site will launch in the UK first, with plans to enter the US market in January 2016.

3Durex launches vlogger collaboration

Condom and adult-toy brand Durex is tapping into the vlogger collaborations trend by joining forces with 23-year-old YouTube sensation, Hannah Witton, and her dedicated channel focused on “sex, relationships, and other stuff!” See the videos and conversations initiated by the hashtag #DurexHannah.


ASOS multi-platform mag leading the fashion pack in e-commerce

In defiance of the adage that ‘print is dead’, powerhouse brands like Red Bull, Airbnb and ASOS have uncovered a treasure trove of engagement opportunities in print media, which is proving a powerful vehicle for content distribution. ASOS is well and truly ahead of the branded print game, strategically changing the interaction between e-commerce and media and crafting a multi-channel communication and lead-generation strategy. Darcy Coulter explains how ASOS magazine is breaking down the barrier between onlooker and buyer and how the organisation is giving publishers like Condé Nast a run for their money.

2The power of storytelling revealed in a fine Irish drop

April 23rd marked the official launch of King Content’s New York office, our fifth globally. We gathered a select crew of marketers from a range of industries to celebrate the power of storytelling. And to experience it first-hand, of course.

5Fancy a Stella after work? Here’s where to find one

Beer brand Stella Artois is incorporating geo targeting capabilities into its Enjoy A Stella Artois After Work program. Digital screens – 1750 of them – will be located in CBD areas and will target business professionals in the late afternoon, directing them to more than 60 Stella-stocked pubs in nearby locations.

6Can native advertising be scaled?

When it comes to the question of whether or not native advertising can be scaled, the answer is simple – and not, writes King Content’s Head of Native Advertising, Leanne Brinkies.


Social & Tech

7Facebook rolls out video calling on Messenger app

Facebook has emerged from the sidelines of the video-calling game, bringing ‘faces’ to Messenger for iPhone and Android. Users can now freely access the new feature with the click of a button, which starts a face-to-face interaction within an existing conversation.

8Kik-ing mobile messaging platforms to the kerb

Kik is the latest all-in-one social platform that allows users to instantly message others without being locked into a phone contract. Users can also elect to initiate and participate in conversations directly with publishers and brands for a truly engaging experience. With 140 million users within the 13 to 25 demographic, and a high level of intimate interaction, Kik is now the prime communication channel for companies targeting millennials.


Congratulations, you could be pregnant! (according to Google)

Google Now is working overtime to become your most intelligent personal assistant. With partnerships popping up between Google and start-up improvement applications, the new platform could potentially correlate online user data patterns to make assumptions that not even we could recognise or make sense of. Google’s access to body monitoring apps, dietary activity logbooks and buying habits could potentially result in it diagnosing health symptoms before even a doctor could.


Tips & Tactics

10Future proof your social marketing strategy

Remember our social media exes: Myspace, Bebo and Friendster? There have been waves of social networks that have burst into the market and have been replaced just as fast, so how can we create a social media strategy that’s flexible in moulding to the next popular social networks? Jaques Louise from B&T explores the necessary steps to futureproof your social marketing strategy. futureproof-your-social-marketing-strategy

1110 things to tick off before publishing

Head of digital growth marketing at Forbes, Denis Pinsky, discusses ten checks to tick off before publishing content to ensure it is effective and engaging.


12How to create customer personas for content success

The key to creating relevant, focused content that generates profitable results depends on an in-depth understanding of your audience. Buyer personas play an integral role in content marketing in determining exactly who your audience is and maintaining an integrated focus on the information they are actively seeking. Jodie Harris from the Content Marketing Institute takes us through the customised process of persona development and how to source relevant customer data.

147 fundamental metrics to pay attention to when measuring content

Creating strong, relevant content is one of the most effective strategies for achieving profitable lead generation and conversion, but it’s only effective if you make consistent improvements to your efforts using data to inform decisions. That’s where content marketing metrics come into play. Here are the seven metrics tools you should always pay attention to when measuring content.

134 tips for surviving mobilegeddon, Google’s algorithm change

Providing a user-friendly mobile experience is no longer just an option – it is now a necessity. Google’s new mobile-friendly update, otherwise known as ‘mobilegeddon’, means that brands who do not want to miss out on web traffic will need to improve their mobile site responsiveness and user-friendliness. Here are four quick and simple steps to taking a more mobile-friendly approach to content marketing efforts.

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