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The week in content marketing with strategist Lieu Pham

This week, Airbnb enables homebuyers to “live like a local”, and Google introduces the ‘Undo Send’ option to Gmail. Meanwhile, Facebook’s new video algorithm update puts YouTube’s future into question, and Vodafone’s ‘Red Light’ app rescues women from the dangers of domestic violence.

Plus, some tips on how to replace morning-routine thoughts for optimum productivity, and 21 marketing podcasts you should be listening to.

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12Apple’s crowdsourced ‘Shot on iPhone 6’ initiative goes global

In a bid to prove that images taken on an iPhone 6 are good enough to blow up and feature on a billboard, Apple’s latest award-winning campaign ‘Shot on iPhone 6’ utilises crowdsourcing and harnesses the tremendous sharing power of technology. Check out the user-generated images that aired in over 75 cities across the world.

5Airbnb partners with to try before you buy

Airbnb wants to make it easier for you to find the neighbourhood of your dreams before making one of life’s biggest decisions: buying a house. The partnership with will give potential homebuyers the opportunity to “live like a local” and test-drive areas before buying a property as the home rental service expands into the real estate market. 


11‘Will It Blend?’ seeks depth with influencer marketing to fuel, nurture and create

Blendtec’s 2006 ‘Will It Blend?’ video campaign is one of the most talked about viral marketing success stories of our time. But with the rapid evolution of technology and newer content created every second, veterans like Blendtec must alter their content strategies to keep up. Natalya Minkovsky from the Content Marketing Institute explains the company’s newest direction for a more targeted, multichannel approach.

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9No more panic attacks thanks to Google’s ‘Undo Send’ option

Take comfort in the fact that Google has now installed an ‘avert crisis’ option to Gmail, more commonly known as ‘Undo Send’. You can now relax without the threat of an awkward autocorrect ‘busy/busty’ situation, or stop the email titled ‘Client’s new set of ridiculous demands’ from ending up in said client’s mailbox. Gmail’s newest feature now enables you to stop an email up to 30 seconds after hitting send, while also allowing you to maintain comfortable eye contact with close family members and colleagues of your workplace. 

8Vodafone’s ‘Red Light’ app: Utility marketing at its finest

Winner of the Cannes Media Grand Prix award, Vodafone’s ‘Red Light’ app uses mobile technology to help women during an event of domestic violence. When shaken, the woman’s phone sends out alerts to three chosen contacts along with her exact location, along with a request for immediate assistance. Spreading awareness of the app involved Vodafone hiding messages where no man would ever see them, in locations like female toilets, inside wax strips and hidden in female makeup vlogger tutorials.

 2Facebook will now give you the videos you want to see thanks to algorithm tweak

Facebook has changed its algorithm to ensure your newsfeed delivers the stories that matter most to you. With video exploding on the social media platform, the new algorithm takes into account the length of time a user watches a video on the platform, as well as the level of engagement. Josh Constine from TechCrunch explores what this personalised approach means for FB’s video rival YouTube and the major advantages gained from the big data goldmine.


Tips & Tactics

103 crazy things you should think about each morning to break the routine

Routine can create barriers to growth, flexibility and, most importantly, being in the present moment. Here are three things to think about in the morning that may seem a little ridiculous, but will stimulate productivity and help you get through the day. 


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4Content marketing measurement ebook

Content Marketing Institute and TopRank Online Marketing have come together to deliver an ebook. This helpful advice from content marketing veterans includes the most effective metrics for measuring success and how to create content with measurability in mind.


6PR 20/20’s 21 favourite marketing podcasts

While blog posts are a popular go-to resource for marketing news and tips, podcasts are just as accessible and easy to consume. Here’s a list of intuitive marketing podcasts that the team at PR 20/20 regularly listens to.



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Developing user-centric content on social media involves creating useful, meaningful content based solely around the customers’ wants and needs. Here are seven tips to developing user-centric content on Facebook that will drive long-term relationships.


1The ninja guide to content creation

While cute cats are a great way to grab attention, what’s going to ultimately set you apart from competitors is the quality of your content. Robert Morris from CMI lets us in on his 10 writing tools to use during the content-creation process.



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