The Webby Award winners can teach us all

May 7, 2011Uncategorized

The Webby Awards are like a who’s-who of the internet – a yearly awards ceremony which defines the world’s top websites, the world’s best online campaigns, the top decision makers and the digital ground breakers.

A huge congratulations goes out to, which scooped the employment category prize for 2011, and was the only Australian website to feature on the Webby podium.

King Content was approached by Start up Smart to give our thoughts on how more Australian websites can feature in this international lineup of digi leaders. What can we all take away from the Webby winners?

Well, to begin with we took the frank approach – No company can ignore the web: The blurred lines between digital and non-digital is over – we’re all in the digital space. If you’re a start-up today you must embrace the fact that your website is front and centre from not only a marketing perspective but also a business perspective.

Also, that brands can be built quickly but it will be long, hard and often painful work: There are some great success stories on the list that look like they have come from nowhere, but have obviously required bucket loads of blood sweat and tears…

And let’s obviously not forget: All of these winners have great content. It goes without saying that all of these sites have developed great content strategies and value the power of content and that ultimately has paid dividends.

For the full TOP TEN lessons from the 2011 Webby winners you can see the list here.