The Power of A Tweet!

November 4, 2011Uncategorized

Following in the footsteps of Facebook Stories and Google Stories, Twitter recently launched Twitter Stories – a platform to showcase the life-changing stories behind life-changing tweets.

The first story shows how a loving son helped save his parents’ bookstore from going out of business with a single tweet (violins!). There’s an athlete that took a hundred of his followers out to a crab dinner, the Japanese fishermen that use Twitter to sell their catch and there’s a story about a man who found a donor after tweeting “Sh*t, I need a kidney.”

It’s all very uplifting stuff and when you put all of the corporate and financial gain aside for a moment, it’s an interesting way in showing how this social media platform is making a difference – in 140 characters or less! It reminds us of the humanity behinds Tweets which is sometimes forgotten about in the ever-expanding Twittersphere.

If there’s something that you think you need to thank Twitter for, tweet to @Twitterstories or use #Twitterstories with your story and they’ll review it.