The American Express Way to Content Marketing Greatness

November 11, 2011Uncategorized

By now, we’re all well aware that through content creation our businesses and brands have the ability to engage directly with our target audience, rather than us having to rely on more traditional types of media. Traditional – guffaw! Basically, if you publish and spread quality content, customers will come your way.

According to the Content Marketing Institute, (research and education on content marketing providers):

• 93% of marketing professionals create, or plan to create content marketing as part of their overall programs in the next year

• 44% of marketers have decreased their print ad budgets over the last three years and put a large part toward social media and custom publishing

• 70% have increased their social media publishing budgets over the last 3 years

Let’s take a look at American Express, a business to be reckoned since they brought their content marketing strategy to the next level. In recent years, they’ve sided from the same old same old business jargon and cleverly created

This forum offers tools for small businesses, many of which have tie-ins with AmEx products. But the site is also dedicated to hosting insightful and useful content about the many facets of running a business.

Experienced writers, guest bloggers and publishers all offer quality content to the masses and they all live happily ever after under the American Express flag. The beauty of this is, is that American Express has developed a community of users around a topic, rather than around their brand.