TEdxSydney starts the conversation (and the brain ticking)

May 30, 2011Uncategorized

King Content had the pleasure of attending TEDxSydney yesterday at the Carriageworks at Redfern and as I was sitting there watching wave after wave of speakers and entertainers I was struck with the fact that great content can come in many different ways and forms. There was incredibly insightful, engaging and inspirational content on stage and amazing conversations and stories in the breaks with fellow invitees and guests. There was also often the most underated form of content in our business—music!

It struck me that content marketing isnt just about the planned strategies and structured way that we approach content but also the unplanned reactions to the content whether it be on a web-page, on Twitter or on a stage at an event. At TEDxSydney yesterday, the breaks had great discussions, engaging points and the odd argument—but most of all it delivered thoughts and effects— isnt that what we all want from our content strategies—actions and great conversations from the stories we tell for our clients and companies. Well if that’s the case then TEDxSydney certianly got 10/10 for its content….because there was plenty of conversation.

At the top of the tree was ex-Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns with fellow Novacastrian, Josh Wakely giving us a live collaboration for their latest project, My Mind’s Own Melody—a movie that is soon to be released. Their ability to use words and music to conjure up magic was….well magic!

If there is a cooler and more engaging inventor than Saul Griffith then I want to meet him. I’ve never been one to enter the same circles as inventors but this guy could’ve talked for hours about the many ways he could save the world..again! His take on energy was one of the major talking events at the next break.

Finally there was one great quote that really stuck with me at the end of the day, Josh Wakley said that “Narrative is melody and melody is storytelling”….

How many of us have thought about the stories and strategies we develop with a melody in mind? Certainly not me, but guess what…we will be….

As the TEDxSydney taglines says…its an idea worth sharing….