King Content strategy series: Isubscribe

August 27, 2011Uncategorized

In the second of our Content Series videos we speak to Hunter Drinan, the Managing Director of iSUBSCRiBE.

iSUBSCRiBE is Australia’s most comprehensive providers of magazine and newspaper subscriptions online, representing over 800 publishers with over 4,500 titles and officially has the largest selection of Australian titles.

iSUBSCRiBE works directly with publishers in order to introduce their products to the digital space. When it comes to the move from print to digital you could not get a company that is more involved in the movements of each platform, than iSUBSCRiBE. With 10 years experience in the digital space, we were interested to learn what iSUBSCRiBE does to keep ahead of the game.

Hunter discusses how he drives sales to this pure e-commerce business using digital techniques designed to attract traffic. With 70% of visitors coming from search engines, it is of paramount importance that the business successfully and efficiently converts these browsers into sales – the SEO, the content and the products are what makes this happen…

For more from Hunter Drinan at iSUBSRiBE, click the video below: