A new kind of EOFYS: End-of-financial-year strategy for content marketing!

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As the end of financial year approaches with breathtaking speed, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of the EOFYS (end-of-financial-year sale) signs popping up. But we’re here to talk about a different kind of EOFYS: an end-of-financial-year strategy for content marketing.

EOFY is traditionally a time for wrapping up accounts, speedy calculations of what the taxman is owed and hasty spending of any remaining budget to try to get that number down – or, in many cases, to avoid losing that money next year. With 20/20 vision of the previous year, it’s the perfect time to develop a new content marketing strategy to ensure 2014-15 is even better than 2013-14. 


The key to any good strategy is to go through each step methodically to make sure you don’t miss out on any elements that could make or break you. If you’ve had a content marketing strategy in place already, the first step will be to analyse what’s been working and what hasn’t. From there, work out what your budget can take. Do you have the resources in place to be able to create in-house content, or do you need to outsource?


Whether or not you have data from your own experiences, check out case studies from other companies that are doing it well and not so well. See what you can adopt for your own business to build your content marketing success for next year. Figure out the best platforms to reach your audience and what it will take to create killer content for those platforms.


Getting the whole company involved in your content marketing strategy will not only give you better ideas than you would come up with alone, but also engage your staff and make them feel like part of the overarching success of the business. What great content has your staff seen this past year that you can take inspiration from for your own plan? Who do they know who could offer insights into your target audience, or even serve as an interviewee for a piece of content?

Once you’ve matched all the ideas and insights with what your budget will actually be able to handle, it’s time to come up with an editorial calendar for the first three months of the new financial year. Build in a mix of evergreen and topical content and include a plan for amplification. Don’t forget to keep track of what’s working and what’s not as you go so you can easily adapt it for the next editorial calendar – and the next financial year.

Lucy Sutton and Leigh Credlin



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