Siri Killed the SEO Star

December 2, 2011Uncategorized

Siri’s certainly been stirring up local SEO and quite soon could represent the future direction of local search engine optimisation. But does having this new personal assistant in your pocket really mean that the end of traditional SEO is nigh?

When you command “Call me a cab,” Siri will automatically process information and respond with local cab companies sourced online. Automating the search process means the days of looking up ‘cab companies in your area’ in search engines are numbered. This means that the importance and influence of traditional search engine results pages and pay-per-click advertisements is dramatically affected.

If Siri is a success, hypothetically speaking, it may be bad news for many local search providers who will have to step up their game to compete. With so much unknown, here’s what you need to do to make your business website as accessible as possible to Siri Engine Optimisation:

– Maximise your local SEO benefits by prominently featuring your physical address, local phone number and operating hours on the home page of your site.

– Important information should never be hidden within PDFs and sub-pages as Siri won’t find them. Important info should always be in text format.

– Make your website mobile friendly if it isn’t already.

– Do away with scrolling issues and slow loading by removing data obstructions like Flash graphics and Javascript.

– And lastly, get out there and claim your profiles on review sites and business directories… but you’ve been doing this already right?

Some might say that Siri has given us the wake up call that we need. Shouldn’t all of our websites be mobile friendly by now anyway?

Don’t you think Kitt from Knightrider and Siri would make a good couple? Just kidding, but what are your predictions for SEO for 2012?