The significance of design in content marketing

February 22, 2016Uncategorized

By Jo Quintanilla, Project Manager

In an increasingly competitive market, the use of effective visual communications can set your content apart.

As consumers are presented with more and more information, it has become progressively more challenging to earn the engagement of your audience with a point of difference. Nowadays, if you’re vying for attention in the digital space, words alone are no longer enough. But how can design be used to deliver a message more effectively in the internet age?

Take control with infographics

One effective way design is used to deliver information in content marketing is through the use of infographics. There’s a good reason why we’ve seen a lot of them popping up recently – if done successfully, they can be powerful tools to engage your target audience.

In 2013, Forbes published an article that argued 65 per cent of us are visual learners, processing information best through our eyes. In an age dominated by the image, this is no surprise. Infographics can be a compelling way to tell stories that images, data or words alone cannot. When properly executed, infographics can inject life into your content and make it all the more shareable.

Startup success

Airbnb is another great example of how design can be used effectively. Through the use of great design, Airbnb was able to turn itself from a failing startup into a multibillion-dollar company, and the world’s largest accommodation provider.

Struggling to make a profit and unable to secure investment, the company’s co-founders, Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia (both from a design background), identified their problem as poor-quality photography on their listings. They implemented a strategy to replace mediocre photos with stunning professional images and in doing so turned their company around.

In 2014, they continued to value design by unveiling a massive rebrand. While their new logo caused controversy at the time, it is now an internationally recognised symbol. Airbnb has considered every aspect of its brand – from a beautifully designed and functional app to a popular and well-designed blog (one of the best I’ve seen). Airbnb is a company that truly values visual communication and is a testament to how a company can use design to drive success.

Content and design must synergise

What we are seeing from so many new startups is that good content should go hand in hand with great design to offer the complete package. Visual communication has become key to every brand and the standards are always rising. Take the Gestalt principle – a school of thought from the 20th century. It refers to a unified whole in design and how we perceive objects as part of a bigger whole. If we think about this in relation to content, good visual communication can be the very hook to connect with your viewer and provide a whole experience.

Design is clearly one of the most important tools emerging in this era. As we consume more and more content, our definition of good quality has changed. So when planning your content marketing, remember to make use of good design to give your company an edge and stand out as a leader in your field.

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