Search, plus Your World

March 2, 2012Uncategorized

You have to admit – Google is a pretty good service. What would we do without it!? But we’re never happy. We want more!

Search and delivery in a few milliseconds just wasn’t cutting the mustard for us anymore. Now Google have made things even better by bringing your world into Search. But what on earth does that mean?

In Search plus Your World, your friends’ online experiences are more relevant to your personal search results than the usual links and webpages. Google Search has always been limited to webpages created publicly, by people you don’t know.

But now we’re able to find our own stuff on the web, our pictures and people we know. Google is transforming into a search engine that not only understands content, but also people and relationships.

Just say you’re looking for a good restaurant, wouldn’t you prefer to hear what people you know have to say rather than a bunch of strangers’ impersonal content. With your world in search, you can find it in Google+ posts from friends that have mentioned it, and also photos from your friends of the food and the venue right in your search results page.

So now search gets better by including photos, posts, and more from you and your friends. When signed in with Google+, you’ll find personal results and profiles of people you know or follow. You can even expand your world by discovering people related to your search.

The new features that are enabling this are:

Personal Results

These enable you to find information just for you, such as Google+ photos and posts – both your own and those shared specifically with you, that only you will be able to see on your results page.

Profiles in Search

Pulls up Google+ profiles or people you might be interested in following into search.

People and Pages

Suggests profiles and Google+ pages that you might want to circle based on your areas of interest.

Google Search Plus Your World is the next evolutionary step in making searches more social. This dramatically heightened visibility of Google+ pages creates a huge marketing opportunity for businesses. If you don’t have a Google+ account by now, get one!

If you haven’t seen the ad already have a look: Search, plus Your World