How public relations will strengthen your content marketing

By Peta Short – Editorial Assistant at King Content

Despite still being relatively new to the marketing world, content marketing has grown to become the norm for a lot of organisations. By now we know that content marketing is more than just content production.

There’s strategy to help inform what we produce, and why we produce it. Our audience team makes sure our content reaches and engages with the right people. We use analytics to monitor and report on the published content so we can further refine the strategy and create content that audiences want.

As we continue to grow, we learn. And as we learn, we’re able to incorporate our knowledge into our work to produce better results for our clients.

Just as strategy and social media have amplified content marketing, so too can public relations. Adding a bit of PR into the mix could make your content stronger – but how? How does a professional relationship with journalists and other publishing platforms benefit you or your client’s content? Why is PR still an important part of the marketing mix?

Access to top industry influencers

These days, content usually goes straight up on the client’s blog, website or content hub. While this is an awesome way to share your content, sometimes you’ve produced a piece of content that you feel could get some real traction if you widened the audience net.

Maybe you’ve researched and written a whitepaper that the general public might be interested in, or perhaps you’ve just uploaded the first video in a series that you want to share with more than just your regular audience. The audience team have gone above and beyond sharing your new piece of content on the relevant social channels, but you’re looking to grab the attention of the broader media landscape.

Write a media release and get it out there. Don’t waste your time sending a generic media release with the same copy-and-paste email to every publisher you can think of. Really narrow down the audience you want, and put some time into crafting personalised emails to those journalists or platforms. As the name suggests, a lot of PR is forging relationships.

Publishers and broadcasters are unlikely to give your content a second look if you can’t show them why their audience would be interested. Give them a hook and really sell your content. What was the topic of that whitepaper and why should someone else’s audience care about it? What story does your new video series tell and what can people look forward to?

Make sure you include images and soundbites to really grab people’s attention. This also allows them to republish your audio and visuals to pique their audience’s interest.

Building your credibility

Even if your client is well-positioned as a thought and industry leader, their content hub can always use a boost of credibility from other news publishing platforms. While considering paid editorial under the umbrella of another news organisation, also consider the possibility of a successful PR hit.

If you’ve built and maintained relationships with the journalists who cover your industry beat, they may be more inclined to write about some of your content. Also, if a news organisation uses your client as a source, this boosts your client’s credibility by positioning them as a go-to expert in the field.

Building credibility for your client isn’t going to happen overnight, but it might happen faster if other organisations and industry professionals can point to your content as a source of real news and information.

Creating visibility

In a world where everyone is continuously saturated with content, how can you make yours stand out? It’s part of the struggle that all content marketers face. How do you ensure that your content is getting as much visibility as possible?

Aside from blasting new content on social media and paying for amplification, PR helps get your content in front of a wider range of audiences, which in turn will send more traffic to your client’s website or blog.

When every piece of content is vying for your audience’s attention, content marketers can use all the help and expertise they can get.

Best of all, the return on investment can be quite significant. With PR focused on word of mouth rather than paid media, there is an opportunity for your content to reach a larger audience without overspending on your budget.

It’s entirely possible that you’re already incorporating some of these tactics into your content marketing without realising the connection to public relations. By purposefully including PR in your content marketing strategy, you’ll strengthen the final product.

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