Part 3: Life as a King Content intern

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At King Content we’ve had university students and recent graduates going through our internship program over the last eight weeks. We asked them to document their time in the office. These are their stories.

Ben Baker, Intern

Ben Baker, Intern

Ben Baker

My bitch is a creature of habit. That is *ahem* my slightly overweight female Labrador named Buffy. Every morning, Buffy brings in the newspaper for my dad, excitedly prances around and basks in the glory of how clever she is. She’s then praised for her accomplishment, and rewarded with a diet breakfast accordingly. As my dad always says, bringing up the paper is about the only useful thing Buffy can do.

To some extent, life as an intern at King Content is like Buffy bringing up the newspaper: I do something that I think is really clever, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s a fairly remedial accomplishment. For instance, right now I am learning how to use Google Analytics (GA) (we are trying to become certified), and have recently got my head around the concept of bounce rate and its importance. While this is a great and invaluable technical stepping stone into the world of GA, it’s a small drop in the ocean as far as what there is to know.

Being here at King Content has made me realise that, although I’m in the process of getting a Master’s degree in Marketing, there’s still so much to learn about marketing in the real world. Realistically, the only way to become a true ‘master’ of marketing is to proactively immerse yourself in technical and strategic challenges, and talk to as many experts in the field as possible. It’s through this that you learn most about what works practically, and what doesn’t.

I think one of the biggest challenges people face when trying to become a true ‘master of marketing’ is inadvertently adopting too much of a regimented routine. While a regimented routine can make you a specialist in a particular domain, it’s also very easy to become too entrenched in your ways, and lose curiosity for the constantly evolving marketing industry around you.

Long term, I think losing curiosity can be detrimental to success. For instance, Buffy is very efficient at bringing up the newspaper now; she’s done it almost every day of her seven years on this planet (or 49 years in dog years). Unfortunately for Buffy though, she’s a creature of a regimented routine and lacks the drive to take bringing up the paper to the next level: unwrapping the plastic around it.

If Buffy had the curiosity to take her technical skills to the next level, maybe her diet breakfast would turn into something a bit tastier? The same sort of thing applies for people in the marketing industry: stay curious, keep your technical skills constantly evolving, and you will ultimately reap better rewards. This is the kind of mentality I want to hold as an intern, and beyond.


Scarlett Govey, Intern

Scarlett Govey, Intern

Scarlett Govey

For many interns, the half-way mark is a point they are eager to reach. The light at the end of the tunnel is visible, and this finally means freedom.

However, as I sit at my desk, I can’t help but think about the little time I have left to gain knowledge and wisdom from the King Content (KC) team. I have less than three weeks to go, and I can confidentially say I’ve learnt more in the past month than I have in previous three-month internships.

So I ask myself, why is this internship so enjoyable and what should others expect from their internship experiences?

Structure and time management are essential skills for future job prospects. Learning to successfully multi-task should be an expected outcome from any internship. As this is the first time KC has undertaken an internship program, I was concerned about whether I would be challenged with appropriate workloads. This unease is now a distant thought, as the structured internship program handed to me on day one is still being used. KC has taught me how to confront tasks from varying facets of the company and complete them within deadlines.

Guidance is a quality that’s integral for interns to learn about the company and the industry. Before I arrived for the internship I researched KC’s company values on its website. A statement that stood out to me was, “we are a team of specialists who step you through every step of the content process”. KC’s friendly attitude has made learning about the foreign concept of content marketing an insightful and easy process.

A company that exudes warmth and friendliness makes the feeling of being an ‘outsider’ far less daunting. The most frustrating experience often encountered by interns is sitting in a cubicle waiting to be assigned work. One of the best aspects of this internship – which should be an expectation for all interns – is feeling a part of a welcoming workplace. Whether it’s a warm welcome coming in to work or sincere acknowledgment for the work I’ve done, KC’s internship program has surpassed all my expectations.

What I’ve achieved in the past few weeks should be experienced by all interns, regardless of the industry. As I reach the end, I realise how fortunate I am to have gained quality insight into the fast-growing content marketing world.


Caroline Collins, Editorial Assistant

Caroline Collins, Editorial Assistant

Caroline Collins

The experience of being in a firm and living through the daily ‘ins and outs’ that happen in the office is another major learning curve. Studying marketing can only teach you so much about developing key messages or writing in a professional style, and it’s only when you live it that you understand what marketing really entails. A lot can happen in the daily life of a marketing practitioner that you don’t learn until you come across it.

Specifically, this week I’ve learnt how to create and use a social media calendar. This has entailed defining content pillars and type, finding curated articles and scheduling promoted posts. I had the opportunity to look at what’s happening in social media, and understand what makes a good social media campaign, specifically through the lens of a well-executed social media calendar. I also tried my hand at editing a major proposal deck. Editing is a tricky skill, as you have to pay close attention to detail and pick up the smallest mistakes. I’ve learnt that it’s definitely a skill that comes with time, practice and patience (lots of patience!)

I’ve learnt practical skills that I will be able to carry with me to my next position, wherever that might be. I’ve also been able to use what I’ve learnt at uni, and put it into practice here at King Content, such as writing a blog about attention economics. This internship has also helped me with my uni work, especially honing my writing and editing skills.

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