Part 2: Life as a King Content intern

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At King Content we’ve had university students and recent graduates going through our internship program over the last eight weeks. We asked them to document their time in the office. These are their stories.

Ben Baker, Intern

Ben Baker, Intern

Ben Baker

Generally, I am not a fan of sequels. They tend to lack the creative ambition and authenticity of the first instalment, all in an obvious ploy to milk the money cow dry.

Although inherently a sequel, this internship blog post will aim to achieve something that parallels The Empire Strikes Back and Terminator 2: Judgment Day in superiority. Ambitious? While I set the bar pretty darned high in the previous post, I think it’s safe to say that even George Lucas would learn something from this instalment. The main thing is that sometimes sequels don’t earn you millions of dollars at the box office. However, I’m open to any film adaption offers you might have.

Anyway, so the King Content internship is going well. It seems the six-pack abs I expected to get from the endless coffee runs are not even close to coming through, which is good. In fact, I am learning so much every day, and everyone here is more than happy to help with the daily tasks I’m assigned.

The concept and processes of content marketing are starting to become clear, and I find myself developing a strong passion for strategy. I think this growing passion has been facilitated by the autonomous, yet at the same time collaborative, dynamic here, which allows you to do things at your own pace and to the best of your ability.

One thing I find rather amusing about King Content’s autonomous dynamic, though, is how it sometimes seems as though everyone is just stuffing around on Facebook. But that’s the beauty of content marketing – you can get away with watching endless cat videos and deem it ‘research’.

Kitten aside, the social content that King Content is generating seems to be working very well for clients. Namely Lenovo Australia and New Zealand, which has garnered an impressive amount of Facebook likes as a result of King Content’s management of its page. The Lenovo posts are interesting, brand relevant and unique, and consumer engagement has been very positive accordingly. Although the posts don’t always generate as many likes or shares as are ideal, long-term consistency is the key with content marketing and every post helps to build brand affinity. It’s this brand affinity that makes people more likely to consider and ultimately purchase the brand. Learning things like this make the increasing ownership of Lenovo computers at my university seem less of a coincidence.

Over the past three weeks I have already learnt so much. From writing (self-evident) to content marketing strategy, social listening to Communiqué, it has all been so valuable to my skill set. I’m very eager to see what else I can learn over the next couple of weeks. Until next time.

Oh, and Luke, I am your father.

Best. Sequel. Ever.


Scarlett Govey, Intern

Scarlett Govey, Intern

Scarlott Govey

Typically internships are thought to consist of coffee runs, cleaning out cupboards and tasks that even a dog could complete. However, this is quite the opposite of my experience at King Content (KC) over the past three weeks. Each morning I am welcomed with a sincere smile and ‘good morning’ by the employees, instantly affirming my desire to work for this company.

The King Content team welcomed me into their world with open arms and have made me feel like I’ve been working with our clients for years. I’ve assisted with the development of creative strategies for Changi Airport and Lamborghini, helped with social media postings for Telstra and compiled research for social media analytics. The diversity in tasks I have performed has been really insightful and has highlighted the complexity of the company. The plethora of facets to KC makes coming to work an exciting experience, as each day I’m working on a new project.

What I enjoy most about this internship is the trust the employees have in my skills and ability in completing a task. On numerous occasions I have been given real-life projects to present to the clientele, allowing me to see my work as being worthy. This reassurance by the KC team has made me fall in love with the industry even more, and has shown me that this is a career path I’m interested in.

Similarly, since day one the atmosphere has remained positive; the staff all get along and are willing to assist each other when help is needed. Open communication is integral in companies to ensure valuable insights can be shared among employees. This a quality KC excels in; after only three weeks I already feel a part of a community with individuals whose positivity is contagious.

When asked by my friends and family if I enjoy the work and company culture, I can honestly say my response is nothing but positive. In the afternoon when it’s time to leave the office, I’m once again left feeling a part of a community, receiving a ‘goodbye Scarlett have a good evening’ as my send off.


Caroline Collins, Editorial Assistant

Caroline Collins, Editorial Assistant

Caroline Collins

One of the greatest things about having an internship is the opportunity to learn about the working world before you really commit to it full time. The internship program at King Content, in particular, is a place where you have more leeway in trying new things, enabling you to push yourself in new directions. This is something I have not been able to do at previous internships.

I only have a few more weeks left at King Content, so I’m trying to make the most of every day. As things become busier in the office, the avalanche that is my uni work is piling up. We’ve all heard the joke, ‘Good grades, a social life or enough sleep. Pick one’, and it couldn’t be more true. Learning how to balance this internship and uni work, while simultaneously having a social life, has been a steep learning curve, and one I am thankful I’m learning now and not later in life.

I’ve been told again and again how important it is to ask questions, and I think that age-old saying is finally sinking in. I am lucky that I have a fantastic relationship with my two ‘supervisors’. They have both created an environment where I feel I can ask for help or direction when I need it. This is leading to me gain more confidence and be more assertive, which means I am able to work on more challenging tasks. I am also able to have more input into the work I am assisting with – which is great for my portfolio!


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