Out of the blue: Bupa launches health hub

May 25, 2015Uncategorized

Bupa teams up with King Content to create The Blue Room.

I’m sure you’d agree that not all content marketing is made equal. So when a brand dedicates passion and resources to developing content that truly meets the needs of its customers, I’d say that’s a pretty good reason to celebrate.

At King Content, our journey with Bupa started close to a year ago when we were introduced to Matt Allison, the company’s newly appointed content marketing manager. Matt was tasked with overseeing the strategy and implementation of health and care content in the customer marketing team.

It’s not too often I find someone who shares my love for content marketing and social media. Well, not someone who doesn’t work for King Content. Unfortunately, enthusiasm alone wasn’t going to bring Matt’s vision to life.

He knew he had something of a challenge ahead, especially as the organisation was moving away from its reliance on a traditional marketing model into a new digital age.

As with all good journeys, we needed to understand where Bupa stood today. So the first task was establishing what kind content problem the team had on its hands. Together with Bupa, we carried out an audit, which involved a review of how the brand’s current assets were aligned to the company’s long-term business vision. This exercise looked at each individual piece of content’s purpose and utility to the Bupa audience. In total, we collated and assessed over 1500 items.

Two things quickly became apparent. Firstly, Bupa had a lot content. And secondly, the majority of that content was product or brand-centric. There were pieces that provided education on various health topics, but in general we were dealing with brand content and sales collateral. This was an all-too-familiar story with a lot of clients I’ve worked with. But what was great about this project was that the Bupa team really understood it was an issue that needed to be addressed. So, together with Bupa’s brand agency, research partners and internal stakeholder groups, we began planning the company’s content future.

We combined the audit with research, consultations, creative concept development and a content strategy, and voilà! The Blue Room was born. It’s a truly world-class content play and one that has not only set a benchmark for branded content hubs in Australia, but one that will drive real returns for Bupa.

So how did Bupa get The Blue Room right? The platform brings together a healthy mix of audience youtility, target-market awareness, creative storytelling and branded content to produce a beautiful web experience. And it does all this without focusing on Bupa’s products and services. It has been a pleasure to work with the Bupa team over the past year, but I think one of the biggest successes of The Blue Room is the amount of content marketing best practice boxes it ticks. It provides an integrated approach to marketing across departments, including sponsorship, PR, corporate affairs, brand, product and above-the-line advertising.

To top it off, Bupa treats this asset like a product, and the team appreciates that content marketing is an always-on endeavour. Stand by for later this year when Bupa takes a page from Joe Pulizzi’s book and promotes The Blue Room with TV ads.

One piece of content that personifies The Blue Room is the ‘cuddle power’ video. This short doco takes the viewer to an emotional place, and it does this while educating them on Bupa Aged Care, all while humanising the brand and without explicitly selling the product. The video exemplifies why content marketing works, and I know the team is very proud of it.

The Blue Room is a representation of everything Bupa stands for as a business. The team has realised that good marketing – and good business, for that matter – is all about putting your audience at the centre of your purpose and vision by telling great stories. You can help the world live happier and healthier lives, and by doing so you can successfully achieve your business objectives.

My team and I look forward to the continued evolution of The Blue Room. And believe me when I say this is only the beginning of great things to come from this soon-to-be-award-winning marketing team. You heard it here first.

Bravo, Bupa!

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