Melbourne’s Remote Control Tourist: Getting creative with content

October 11, 2013Uncategorized

Tourism Victoria this week rolled out Melbourne Remote Control Tourist (RCT), a new campaign that takes a fresh and creative approach to travel content.


A different view

Described as “a live first-person adventure where you write the story”, RCT is an interactive experience, where users can hop on the site and request two ‘tourists’, Lucy and Tom, explore a part of Melbourne on their behalf.

Decked out with helmets fitted with cameras, users can track where the duo is on a live map, send them their query and see the result streamed live as it happens. Couldn’t find that great little bar your friend recommended when you last visited? Want to get a sneak peek at a new boutique that’s opened? This is your chance to do just that (kind of) with the RCT campaign allowing potential visitors to ‘go before they go’ to Melbourne.

Access all areas

Social media is a core part of RCT with users required to sign into their Facebook or Twitter accounts to put in their ‘remote control’ requests. Tourism Victoria is also promoting the RCT campaign across all their associated tourism sites (such as Visit Melbourne and Visit Victoria) and their related social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram under the hashtag #MelbourneRCT. The online, interactive nature of RCT also means that it can be viewed and accessed by people around the world.

A creative concept

There are plenty of reasons why the Melbourne Remote Control Tourist concept is a clever one. The content is creative, helpful and engaging. It’s interactive, free and easy to access. It’s also a unique spin on traditional tourism campaigns that tend to dictate a list of prescribed must-sees and should-dos. Instead, it hands the experience over to users and asks what they want to see and aims to give it to them. You can remote control a tourist until October 13.

What do you think of the Melbourne Remote Control Tourist campaign?

Lisa Cugnetto – Content Strategist