MBFWA inspiration – four fashion brands creating awesome content

Claire Austin, Head of Audience, Sydney

Claire Austin, Head of Audience, Sydney

Technology and user behaviour have changed fashion forever. Aesthetics and outward perception, the primary concepts of fashion, have taken on a new lease of life.

Through social media channels we have become consumed with curating, manicuring and mapping out our aspirations for our friends and others to see and pass judgement on. This behaviour has been heavily fuelled by brands harvesting this immaterial side of fashion. And they are doing it so well, we are becoming more dependent on it and purchasing more than ever before in order to keep up-to-date and live out our aspirational social collages.

Fashion events used to be for the minority, but thanks to our digital friend, they are accessible to everyone. We can experience them in real time from our phones and laptops, and even purchase something featured on the runway before the show is over! Consumer behaviour in this heady era of social media has provided brands with a powerful tool to connect with their consumers and inspire them to the path to purchase.

Ahead of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (MBFW) Australia, here are four fashion brands that are using their social pages to provide an enriching experience:


1. Topshop

A high-street label that knows its customers know fashion but won’t all be able to attend fashion events. For London Fashion week, Topshop positioned billboards in key UK cities to take Fashion Week to the people. Using the hashtag #LIVETRENDS it used the front row’s fashion Tweets and posts and turned them into shoppable curated collections that anyone could purchase in a click. It monitored online conversations among industry influencers to establish trends in real time and translate them into buy-it-now content, and displayed it on the shoppable digital billboards! Pure brilliance.





2. Rebecca Minkoff

A designer who likes us to be part of her experience. Ahead of NY Fashion Week Rebecca took a rather productive approach in determining looks to showcase during her runway show. Rebecca took two looks from her upcoming collection and asked her social media fans to vote for their favourite one. The one with the most likes was deemed the favourite look and was showcased at the event. So simple, but a great way to get your audience engaged and onboard before the event!






3. Burberry

A high-end brand that knows its audience and what they want. For the release of its men’s aftershave ‘Mr Burberry’ it created an immersive experience using Snapchat. Using Discover it created a content guide of videos, articles, interviews, styling tips and grooming ideas including a ‘stylish man’s guide to London’ with an interactive map. Customers could access the content by scanning the Snapchat code on the back of the Burberry purchase. This is a first on Snapchat for a luxury brand, and in my eyes, a winner!






4. David Jones

A trusted brand with thousands of followers in Australia. To showcase its bridal offerings, David Jones (DJs) recognised the opportunity to engage its audience around a common passion – love. Many amazing brides pass through DJs exclusive bridal suite every day, each with a unique and heart-warming love story. To capture this, DJ’s created a series of four videos with four brides and their partners. The videos brought to life the story of each couple as they’ve grown together and prepare to embark on a new journey together as they say ‘I do’. A great example of video content that creates emotion through stories everyone can relate to.