Masterclass: Optimising content for search vs social

September 18, 2015Uncategorized

Another successful King Content master class is in the books following July’s stimulating session hosted by international content marketing strategist Robert Rose. We had a great turnout, with brands such as Red Bull, ZenithOptimedia and Robert Half all represented, while some 60 people tuned in via the live stream on Periscope. Way to go, you 21st century techies!

Our host for September’s master class was King Content B2C Content Strategist and Editor Dan Hochuli, who is responsible for conceptualising and executing content marketing strategies for our clients. Dan has a wealth of experience in content production and copywriting, and is a verified Google Analytics expert.

He’s also the reigning office ping-pong champion, despite obvious weaknesses in his forehand and serve. Pundits are quick to point out that his championship will be short-lived and quickly forgotten.

Dan focused this master class on content optimisation and why fantastic content can struggle to find its audience. Dan, who sported a Salvador Dali-inspired moustache and accompanying chin strap, illustrated the difference between search and social content, where the search audience intends to find your brand while the social audience is more likely to happen upon your content.

Because search and social content are discovered in different ways, anything attempting to reach both audiences can lack focus and will struggle to gain traction.

Instead, the digital marketer should separate search and social content into two clear business streams. For example, social should aim to raise brand awareness, while search should build loyalty and help resolve customers’ problems (perhaps through your products).

Dan highlighted this approach with some interesting examples, including one about the quokka-selfie frenzy that took the internet by storm earlier this year. You can view Dan’s highly entertaining and informative presentation below.

Download the full presentation deck here.