Louis Vuitton and H&M show the US who’s boss in content marketing

February 24, 2015Uncategorized

Svein Clouston, Senior Content Editor, King Content Europe

It’s often said that the European digital publishing market lags behind its US counterpart, with commentators arguing the existence of a 12-18-month disparity. But content marketing is a different beast, and it’s easy to see that whatever US brands and organisations can do, their European cousins can do better.

Since opening the office here in London and launching our own multi-language content strategy for global PC manufacturer Lenovo, it has been fascinating noting the various content marketing techniques and tactics used by brands across Europe. Here are just a few of those that have caught the eye.

  1. Louis Vuitton

    Blowing all other brands out of the water is French brand, Louis Vuitton. The clothing giant has taken content marketing to another level with the construction of its own Frank Gehry-designed museum. The building – La Fondation Louis Vuitton – can be found nestled between the lush foliage of the Jardin d’Acclimatation in west Paris and is the go-to place for European culture vultures.

  2. H&M

    Clothing company H&M is another European brand with a sound content marketing strategy. Fashion styles are ever-changing, and the company’s site, H&M Life, is a great example of how getting the content mix right is crucial. H&M’s dedication to local trends coupled with a focus on international brands and icons is evident throughout.

  3. Quechua

    Quechua, the French mountain-sports brand, is one such example. Its Hiking on the Moon is a superb illustration of coordinated media selling one compelling message to a targeted audience. Not content with a well-rounded digital offering, Quechua also produces a print magazine inspired by the kind of art periodicals that usually grace the coffee tables at Central Saint Martins – a strategy that follows the successful trend set by another sports brand, Rapha. With over one million likes on Facebook and 25,000 followers on Twitter, it’s clear that Quechua understands content marketing.

  4. Tesco

    Away from the great outdoors, supermarkets are canny content marketers. Tesco, the UK’s largest chain store, is no exception. Its site, Real Food, is crammed with rich content ranging from recipe ideas to food-preparation videos. Well-positioned CTAs direct the reader to the Tesco grocery site where, through a one-click system, they can buy meal ingredients. In such a crowded space, Tesco stands out as a content specialist.

  5. Schweppes

    A special mention must also go to Schweppes for localised content marketing. With its entertainment listing siteVilla Schweppes, the international beverage brand has gone after a localised market. Written entirely in French, the site wears its Gallic heritage on its sleeve – a fine move, and one that attracts many supporters.


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Svein Clouston – Content Strategist & Editor, London


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